(G) Evolve Monsters are Peaceful, Loving & Enlightened Creatures that are merely misunderstood?


According to David Hawkins, a philosopher:


Above: He comes up with this map of consciousness, showing the hierarchy of many different levels of being. The highest levels of being are more associated with spirit while the bottom ones are associated with the body.

In fact, he comes up with an interesting test known as Hawkins muscle testing:

According to the technique, all want needs are the following steps:

  1. Get a picture that represents something spiritual such as love, life purpose, or peace.

  2. Then hook your pinky finger with your thumb on your dominant hand and use the pinky in the other to pull it.

  3. Do this for 100, 200, 300, 400 etc. until your hooked fingers let go. Thus if you stop at 500, you scored 500 on it, which is associated with peace.

Evolve monsters, such as the behemoth above, have fingers so dense that it is likely that if they perform the test, they are less likely to let go due to the strength of their hands. As such, it is not unusual for a monster to score up to hundreds of thousands of points on the scale before they let go.

A score of 1000 or above is associated with godly consciousness or pure enlightenment. This means that Evolve Monsters are in a way, a far higher form of transcendent spiritual consciousness.

So why is it that monsters still attack humans?

We consider the following:

In the 1997 Mars Attack film, the highly intelligent Martian civilisation had a different understanding of what it meant to have peace - peaceful gestures to humans are seen as war threats, while opposingly, the Marsians’ warring against the humans were considered by humans to be deadly but to them it is a way of declaring peace.

Thus, my conclusion is that Monsters are just simply enlightened, but have opposite concepts of peace and war, whereby they flipped. This means that despite the monsters’ best attempt to destroy us, they actually do wish to do us much good, by spreading their spiritual teachings onto us.


Or they misunderstood what the word peace meant, allowing therefore for a more humerous joke but good point nonetheless.
Always feel like I learned something from ya.


I’m sure he wants that to be the point. :wink:


So your saying destroying a power relay is the monsters telling the hunters to stop being so technological and start embracing their inner nature… deep stuff

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So holding your fingers together makes you enlightened, interesting, monkeys are hecka enlightened then


Just leaving a comment so that I can remember this later.


Didn’t even read the post, auto agreed with Galactoid.