(G) Could Evolve have never had existed, and never will?


According to philosophical models of time, we have the following:

Eternalism is the point of view whereby the universe, since its dawn have, had, and will continue to exist. However, Presentism is the other extreme, in which only the present moment of the universe can be said to exist.

This is possible, as it could be that advanced extraterrestrials might have simply created the universe just 1 second ago, while putting everything in place - fossils and cosmic background radiation which presents a guise of it having existed for 15 billion years.

This may sound weird, but according to the analytic philosophy of Bertrand Russell, Strawson, Wittgenstein, and Quine, we have the following:

Sense datum is simply any immediate information presented before us, such as pain or the image of an apple. According to these philosophers, sense datum is the only truly verifiable form of knowledge - as all else, such as history and apocryphal evidences and testimonies are subjected to fallacy as they might be hoaxed in one way or another, such as the Serpo alien-human exchange program, which has already been found to be fake, as shown below:

Above: The now verified to be fake Serpo exchange alien program.

Additionally, there is the problem of induction as explained by the philosopher David Hume:

This philosophical paradigm states that most of our knowledge are what Immanuel Kant calls synthetic rather than analytic knowledge. The latter are statements like “triangles have 3 sides”, which are inherently obvious, while synthetic are those which involve building upon it through description and induction. The only problem is that we may never ever be able to be sure that the current laws of the universe may always hold - for instance, we may induce that the sun will rise tomorrow as it has done so for billions of years. But who knows - aliens may blow it up and therefore refute our induction…

Therefore, the problem of induction makes it such that we cannot predict that the universe will exist tomorrow simply because it has done so. Additionally, the theory of sense datum states that we can only be sure of the present moment because of immediately accessible sense-datum.

This means that it is more logical to assume that the universe exists only now, through the view of Presentism.

And therefore, Evolve has never existed before, or will exist tomorrow - it is only now that Evolve exists.

How will the world end


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