(G) 500 million people will 'ascend' to a transdimensional green reality in the future Evolve timeline

What exactly are transdimensional realities? This term refers to dimensions that are very difficult to access, and in a way, are nearly invisible to us. However, a confusion lies in that people mistake transdimensional as being totally being part of “another dimension”. This is a misnomer as all dimensions are linked together in an interactive manner. However, they interact very poorly with one another.

Neutrinos, for instance, are a massless particle that travels at the speed of light, and is known to poorly interact with anything in the known universe:

Neutrinos are formed from the heart of stars, and exist in the trillions and trillions, passing through most matter without interacting. In fact, in order to detect them, a gigantic swimming pool (the size of many Olympic pools) is required to be built underground just to detect ONE neutrino.

So in a way, a neutrino is a transdimensional reality. They exist everywhere, but humans can rarely interact with them or swift to such a dimension.

Likewise, the mythological Higgs Boson is also something there is everywhere, but is so difficult to detect that for 40 years, they eluded detection:

The Higgs Boson is a particle that gives rise to mass. Without it, the whole universe would be massless. However, it is “transdimensional” in that the Higgs Boson exists for only a minute one billionth of a second before vanishing, and is very hard to find. In fact, only a hadron supercollider could detect it.

Then, there are sparticles:

Sparticles are simply supersymmetric particles. For every particle that exists in this universe, it is believed that a corresponding sparticle exists. Thus a quark will have a squark. A neutron will have a sneutron. A proton will have a sproton. A graviton would have a sgraviton. They polarise at exactly 2^N combinations: for instance a neutrino has a spin value of 0.5, thus there will be one with a -0.5 spin called a sneutrino. A particle with a 0.5 color charge, 0.5 electrical charge will have 4 combinations of such a sparticle: -0.5, 0.5 … -0.5,-0.5 … 0.5, 0.5 … 0.5,-0.5.

However, they are not detectable right now, but are believed to have been formed when the universe was young after the big bang.

Then, there are tachyons and negative mass:

Tachyons are particles that travel faster than the speed of light and therefore have negative mass. However, they are not known to have been detected at the moment, and are thus transdimensional.

Even weirder are imaginary particles:


They are purely mathematical particles, or virtual particles that travel backwards in time near the surface of a black hole when there is hawking radiation, which helps some particles near the surface escape the event horizon of a black hole.

Then, more ordinarily, there is light:


Light is actually made of many frequencies and amplitudes. The human eye can only detect visible light within 400nm to 700nm, from violet to red.

In a way, light which exists beyond this visible frequency are “transdimensional” to us as we cannot see them or interact with them biologically with our eyes.

To color-blind people, the frequencies in which they cannot see are therefore “transdimensional”

Above are the 3 kinds of color blindness. The most common ones are red and green color deficiency. People with this condition thus see a narrower spectrum of light. Red or green, which are so obvious to most people, are invisible to them and are thus “transdimensional” to them as they interact so poorly with them.

Why does this happen?


Above: in normal people, the red and green cones of the eyes are separated such that we can see their differences very well.


Above: however, in color-blind people, they are so close together, that the eye cannot distinguish between these colors. Thus, these colors become “transdimensional” to them.

However, using a new technology developed by Enchroma:

They have developed a lens that separates the red and green color using differential diffraction, which causes them to be able to be able to see color again:


While now, such a pair of glasses to cure color blindness costs USD 400, in the future Evolve timeline, they will be easily 3D printed all over the world nearly for free. Thus, this will allow 5% of the world’s population: those who are color-blind, to fully ‘ascend’ into a transdimensional reality in which they can see the green color again.

With such an ascension, humanity will be one step closer to being an interdimensional species, just like ghosts, spirits, and advanced extraterrestrials.


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Anyone on this forum who is color-blind and has not heard of Enchroma should really consider getting a pair to cure their color-blindness!

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