(G) - ^_^) Is XCOM 2 worth getting right now?


Hello all I am back on this forum once moar!

I was an avid player of XCOM 1 and the expansion, though I am aware that XCOM 2 has been released and the reviews so far have been good.

However, I heard of the bugs being extremely game-breaking.

Additionally, there is one thing which I hated about XCOM 1 and that was the critical strike chance. Is there an option to turn it off in XCOM 2? It makes the game too random, depending on chance rather than by careful planning.


clicks thread hoping for mind blowing insights

finds out there are only more questions and no answers


Jokes aside, I don’t have XCOM 2 either and am wondering the same thing :joy:


Don’t be put off by bugs. They’ll get fixed. Good games are worth the hassle. Like Rainbug Glitch Siege. I play it almost every day despite terrible matchmaking, abysmal net code, frequently visual glitches, my gun appearing black every few rounds. Getting stuck in walls, and exploits like the invisible Kapkan trap or walking through the floor above enemies and shooting down.


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I finished the game in first 2 difficulties I wouldnt call bugs game-breaking , at least I was lucky enough I guess not to meet any. If you loved the first one it is rather unlikely that you won’t love this one too.




Hmm I play around 3-4 days now and didn’t see any real game-breaking bugs yet. Worst thing I had is glitches with roof falling and models freeze


Oi! Galactoid is back!

Ot: haven’t heard of any game breaking bugs, and the critical system can’t be turned off I think


When worried about bugs, wait for a few months and get it during steam sales.

Always the right choice.


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I may like Borderlands, Bioshock, Evolve but I have no interest in XCOM. Sorry : /

Also it’s great to see you again Galactoid!


Ermaeghad, it’s Galactoid. I’ve heard rumors about you…

And your theories, oh your theories, amazing.

Topic: I’ve seen gameplay of it, and yeah, I’d recommend it if you have the money for it.


I highly recommend it. I beat it on Commander a week ago and it was great. Only a couple bugs I noticed but as long as you don’t do ironman it should be fine tbh. I play it like I was in Ironman and only reload if there was a bug. Worked goo so far. VERY fun though.

If you liked the first XCom and/or XCom Long War mod you’ll enjoy this. It feels much more an experience/journey then trudging through the game due to all the different ways the game feels different on each run.


I have, in 40 hours, experienced no game-breaking bugs. So, in short, yes. Go buy this game :smiley_cat:


Sounds good, I will most probably get XCOM 2 then.

However, I will probably wait for a few weeks first, for them to patch it up. In the meantime … Garden Warfare 2!!!


I have not run across a single game breaking bug that many ave mentioned, though it is a case by case thing hehe. I’ve had moments where the AI does weird things (Really? Shot me through that wall with no direct LOS whatsoever? Okay bots…) and some rather shady shenanigans regarding melee attacks (Stun Lanced through a wall I cant Melee back through… Okay.)

But other than that? Maybe some graphical glitches from ragdolls, but those are always more fun than game breaking :stuck_out_tongue:

I can sympathize, nothing says “Welcome to XCOM, Human!” like having a fresh rookie on your second mission get nailed for 8 damage on a crit and he only had 5 or 6 hp max. Hell, even late game, 11 damage Crits are smarts, I tell ya, and those are the light crits AFTER armor reductions!

I noticed though that they are far less likely to happen if you’re in cover compared to the first game. Like, Thin Men in XCOM 1 were Crit maniacs. If they hit you, it was a freakin crit again and again and again.

In XCOM 2, I usually never really expect a crit unless I’m flanked, when the chance goes up in addition to being a sitting, coverless duck (Which makes sense in that regard). Though you CAN still be crit in cover!

Near as I know, though, there’s no option for Crits. Perhaps someone may mod that though. Mods for the game are flowing out like a raging river. I’ve got so many of the cosmetic “Adds Hats, Camo, Etc.” mods it’s not even funny. I spend more time on Customization than I do in missions… It’s like Skyrim all over again, but with more than 1 character ;.;

Would I recommend it right now? I’d say hell yes, if money isn’t an issue. If it is… still worth it, but I can understand waiting for a sale day hehe but after playing it myself… that’d be an agonizing wait :wink:

They’re doing Long War for XCOM 2 as well, right? I hope so… Long War was freakin’ amazing.


You should check the forums for XCOM 2 at forums.2k.com.

You’ll have more answers there.


You can always purchase the game on Steam and if you don’t like it you can then refund it.

You can refund games if you have played it less than 2 hours and if it’s 14 days within the date you’ve purchased.


Haven’t actually ran into a game-breaking bug yet. Nothing a reload of the last autosave and redoing couldn’t fix.

There are some issues with performance - especially on AMD GPUs - but nothing that’s intolerable, and there are already some old fixes that are appliable.