FYI Lazarus

In my opinion the recent changes to laz have finally pushed him to where he needs to be. His huge heal burst is amazing, giving him much better team healing, the reload perk finally works which means you can have your cloak recharge in around 12 seconds. Laz has finally become a viable medic all around.
I wanted to share some tips and tricks I figured out while using him.
-you can pick people up in between melee attacks from any monster
-you should hold down the charge button before you’re next to the body, it starts charging when you’re within around 5m, allowing you to do a moving revive
-jet pack management is critical, only boost when you’re getting attacked or repositioning
-don’t rush in immediately, let the monster camp the body for a while, free damage
-don’t cloak while on fire, seems logical but I always see lvl 40s cloak when on fire, it’s better to wait and then cloak
-boosting strait up and then cloaking works very well
-find something you can run around and keep that between the monster and yourself
-sit on a high ledge, when the monster climbs up, that’s a good time to go for the revive

Does anyone else have anything that they think people should know about Lazarus? If I havent covered it please add it here


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