[FYF] What are YOU most afraid of? 🏢👻🤖


I had to look that up… interesting! :smiley: However if it “is” at the edge of the Universe, really that means it “was”… and whatever it was happened like 14 billion years ago probably :wink:


“14 billion years ago, God ate a bad burrito and took a HUUUGE fart. Be glad you weren’t born yet.”


Only thing I’m afraid of is premature death. No biggie.


What would you consider to be a mature death?


After age 80


A game like Outlast 2 in VR would scare the crap out of anything including fear itself


I’m actually afraid of two things…one is rational and the other is irrational.

Rational: Fire. I am building a tolerance to it but I do have a fear of uncontrolled fire (like a house or grease fire) and intense heat. It makes cooking things in ovens rather difficult when I need somebody around to take the cookie tray out for me.

Irrational: Huge goldfish. Like if there was a goldfish the size of a beluga whale or a school bus or something…and I fell in the water with it, I’d be terrified. I’d be less terrified of sharks.



That sounds awesome, not scary!

Goldfish steaks mmmmm


That’s a… very specific fear.

Any reason for it? :open_mouth:



That looks rediculous yet adorable.


I can’t find a legitimate reason for it. I like goldfish and have had them throughout my years, and koi ponds don’t bother me…but I had a nightmare once of being in a gigantic whale-like enclosure in the water with a HUGE goldfish in it with these dinner-plate sized eyes doing that fish mouth thing they do when they try to get their flakes…and it was freaky man! It was so big it could eat you.

@mizx …That’s starting to get there, yep…that’s abnormal size and starting to induce sweat just looking at it.


I get you Sledge! I totally do!

I am literally terrified of big swimming things.

A VR game like that would be such a thrill for me.

edit: no spoilers - wish it was though! haha




Get ready, I guess.


I’m afraid of going outside.


What’s outside never heard of it before




I’m kinda scared of my house right now.

My partner and I moved in this June. His best friend is kinda spiritually connected and medium-like and says there is the spirit of a man in our house, but says he is friendly.

Fast forward to last week. One of his friends was visiting from another state and says in the middle of the night, the light was turned off (she slept with it on for some reason), and then something got in the bed with her cause she felt it move around the bed and get next to her. She woke up later with the light back on again. I think it was my cat, but she says it was a shadow man. She doesn’t know the medium-like friend and hadn’t heard that story.

Personally, I have had several episodes where the ice maker just randomly started dumping ice all over the kitchen. The last time it happened twice in a row, when I was cleaning it up I said out loud, “ok, very funy, sir. But, this is gonna ruin the wooden floor so could you please stop?” It hasn’t happened again.

I’m freaked out about it. Hopefully he stays peaceful.


omjesus. :open_mouth: