[FYF] What are YOU most afraid of? 🏢👻🤖


It’s hard to find really true darkness. I’ve only experienced it in a professional dark room for photo class in high school, and once at a trip in the depths of slaughter canyon (which sounds way creeper than it is). Though my family insists it gets that dark around where we live Apparently I also have borderline freakish night vision, so I suppose that helps.

On slight tangent however,

Well if we’re talking anime, this pretty much grants you the ability to weild a 25 foot long buster sword. What wouldn’t be scared of that!?


Im teh background character that you see once before she gets killed by a vending machine


the hidden threat…


Also no, im not Yuki


That’s something I really didn’t want to have a mental vision of…


We all know this is the same character that shows up in the final act that miraculously didn’t die and is now a badass. It’s practically a given.

Also @DarKastlez this is why I put spoiler tags on it and also why I’m afraid of it. :laughing: :cry:


Oh NOW you add spoiler tags. :angry: lol just kidding, I would have clicked it anyway :smile:


I know - I’m so evil. Mwahahaha :smiling_imp:


No its legit…


Needles. Screw needles.

I avoid them at all costs.


God I hate them as well.

My body has a self defense mechanism where if I feel a needle near me, my body goes so cold that it numbs the pain. o.o


Ever seen the Japanese movie, The Audition?


No. And since you’re mentioning it now I don’t think I’d want to :sweat:


I can’t be the only one who wasn’t scared much of Alien Isolation, sure maybe for the first few moments, but after that meh… Nothing’s scary.


I saw Alien in the theater at 11 years old. It’s permanently imprinted. I love it, have watched it dozens of times, but when I’m under maximum stress, that’s still the thing I have nightmares about.

For me, the game created not so much fear, but grueling unrelenting tension.


Yep, Alien remains one of my favorite movies ever and I keep repeating from time to time. Same with Aliens.


This game scared the shit out of me

When I was 3 of course :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the scariest thing imaginable are rogue black holes.

Travelling through space at billions of miles an hour, consuming all as they go. One could hit us at any moment and we would never see it coming.

The worst part? Theory is that time slows down as you enter a black hole. So, as the massive G forces stretch your body out to horrific lengths you may feel as though you’re not dying in a split second but agonizing HOURS.


Actually a rogue black hole is no more dangerous than a rogue star of equivalent mass, except the black hole would be harder (not impossible) to see coming.

In both cases, it passing close enough to do damage would be very unlikely. And in most cases, if it did come close enough to do damage, the effect would be the same: disrupt Earth’s orbit and wreak havoc with the climate.

If it was somehow actually aimed directly at Earth, we’d be super dead either way. Death by fire, or death by disruption.

Edit: Also, wouldn’t be possible to FEEL the effects of time dilation. You wouldn’t feel “slowed”. You would appear to be slowed from the perspective of an outside observer. Death would still be violent and horrible, though. XP


I stand corrected. And maybe less terrified.

I’m going to miss scaring people with that. But there’s still the Roar At the Edge of the Universe to scare people with…