[FYF] What are YOU most afraid of? 🏢👻🤖


Okay, reading through, this reminds me of two more super nope things.

Edit: the blurred stuff is gruesome as heck. Read at your own risk.

Back in high school in physics for some reason on Halloween we watched a 30 minute video of failed eye surgeries. Like “oops I dropped an actual rasor blade in your eye and is twitching in your bleeding cornea and humor is leaking everywhere” kind of surgeries. This is why laser surgery is a-okay with me.

Weirdly, this happened again in grad school with failed brain surgeries. Did you know that in most of these, they keep you awake as they cut your brain open? Also, did you know the human face can be peeled off like a post-it note? More like a post-it nope if you ask me.

Finally sleep paralysis. I practice lucid dreaming often, but when it fails, there’s a good chance of sleep paralysis. I experience it like once every few weeks. That’s as close to experiencing actual haunting as you can get. Like, the body is asleep, your brain is still dreaming, but you’re awake and experiencing the room around you, so your brain naturally ad libs creepy hallucinations that you have to sit through. It’s the worst.


This is the only one of your posts I’ve ever regretted reading. :wink: Those first two paragraphs, rather not have those mental images… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have only had sleep paralysis once, but when I did, I hallucinated an evil shadowy spirit hovering above me, which wished me dead and was making me choke on my own tongue. I woke up gasping and coughing.


Riiiiiight… :ghost:


Well if that was a REAL evil spirit, I have to say it wasn’t a very competent one. :smiley:


Moth-man prophecies fucked me up. I legitimately couldn’t sleep properly on Wednesdays for like a year.


It is a spooky thread if fear, so I didn’t really hold back. :dizzy_face: sorry!

That said, that instance of sleep paralysis is pretty much the classic case. I get it frequently enough that my subconscious has started to try and find new ways to mess with me. My most common one is a parade of various creepy things going through my room, and getting all up in my space. The creepy things seem to change out up pretty often though, so it’s hard to describe just one. Fortunately I can kind of recognize it as it happens now, so I can be like “ghosts, again? Seriously? Get the heck out!”


It’s cool, anyway you definitely hit the mark. :smiley:

As I recall the “evil spirit” was invisible yet I could sense it anyway, see it in my mind’s eye if you will, while seeing the ceiling with my eyes.


My dad had a job where he attended autopsies fairly regularly. Our trips on the road were filled with stories from the autopsy table when I was younger. This stuff is right up there with that!


Human size spiders


Well, The real thing that im most afraid is the darkness, You have no idea whats in there unless you check, and when you do, you might die


I also scared of ghosts yet I like ghost Pokemon a lot


This is why you must assert that you are the scariest thing hiding in the dark. If you know that you’re the spookiest thing shrouded in it, darkness can actually become quite comforting.

That’s what helped me get past it anyhow!


Takran is scary, can confirm



I don’t like that, too spoopy.


I was going to say something similar!

It might be different where you live, but around here there isn’t any true darkness anyway. Once my eyes adjust to the low light, I can walk around my house and see just fine. It’s peaceful and soothing, in a way.


Yes, a 4.8 feet tall Anime irl weaboo with the mind of a toddler is scarier than a spider mutant


So… you? :^)




You’re a 4.8 feet tall weaboo.


Yes, Yes i am