[FYF] What are YOU most afraid of? 🏢👻🤖


It Lives…


That which is dead may never die.



I remember that game looking a lot different…



Mine looked like that for a while until the damn thing started searching lockers, and I had to stop hiding in them :frowning:


Oh, nevermind. Wrong one…


honestly… i have a few… admittedly… kinda shameful.

Upon reading this… my top most fear…

Trigger Warning Ahead

Fun fact… I had to get my roommate to find that picture… I started looking for one and instantly got nauseous.
I can handle needles, i can handle touching my eye…

Needles touching Eye… NOPE.

I’m also slightly scared of:
Spiders, Heights, and most shamefully… The dark… (in unfamiliar territory)

Spiders, i’ve learned to get better with after repeatedly facing that fear (Apparently men have to destroy the spiders…), but you wont catch me in Australia any time soon.
Heights, I cant climb a tree, but i can fly in a plane and i can do the glass floors at the CN tower…
I dunno its about Realistic Height and that you’re exposed…

Thats just me… I have my fears. #shame


Aka the best gif ever.


You do mean you move them out of the house?


…it’s not that far off…


Not scared of any of them, but I voted clowns as of the 3, I feel like they could be made scary most easily.


I am equally not afraid of any of these options. :confused:

Like for most things that would scare people genuinely excites me. Storms, tornadoes, earthquakes get me curious when they are occurring and I generally do the opposite thing you should do and go check it out.

When I see a dangerous animal in the woods, I don’t leave. I sit quietly and observe.

People don’t scare me either. I know what they are capable of so the only thing can give me any sort of jump is just the element of surprise but that very quickly wanes and I’m more likely to attempt to defend myself rather than run.

I don’t think I really get scared. :frowning:


Im most afraid of tall people…
Im afraid they’ll fall on me xd


Oh boy here goes.

I’m afraid of:
-Being Eaten (Attack on Titan bothers me very much)
-Sea Monsters (Can’t play Subnautica)
-Sleep Paralysis


I know this feeling.


Understanding a galactoid thread


Nope, just out of LoS. As long as they don’t pose a threat to anyone but insects and other Spiders anyway.


I hate spiders hate hate hateeeeeeee spiders no matter what size. So a VR spider thing or whatever would be cool



As for what scares me, see above. Also, I’m scared shitless from spiders. And yes, that comes from someone with a snake as pet. Scorpions and other bugs are fine with me. But give me the tiniest spider, and I freak out ._.


I really wish I could play this game…


Out of those 3 it’d be heights, used to be fine with it but now I get a weird feeling when on high up places and it happens even in games if I jump from a high place down to the ground :worried:

And water, I hate things like the sea (especially when there’s nothing around) but it’s mainly water where you can’t see much from above/under the surface. When I’m forced to go in water in a game I hate it so much, yet I can play Depth relatively fine somehow.