[FYF] What are YOU most afraid of? 🏢👻🤖


Hello Everyone!

I know it’s been a minute since things were “full steam ahead” here. I want to thank you all for the love and support you have given all of us after everything. It’s been a crazy month!

I’m looking forward to working alongside the community with the projects we have in the works!

I wanted to continue to show the love to our 1st VR title – Face Your Fears! We have over 1/4 million downloads after a week and the feedback we’ve been getting is well, – FeelsGoodMan. <3

I have to ask though, whether or not you’ve played FYF –
Which of these things below scare you the most?

  • Clowns
  • Ghosts
  • Heights

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Shadow people scare the shit of of me


I’m not a very skittish person. The ghost and the clown gave me a bit of a chill, but nothing like some of the scares in F.E.A.R. Extraction Point did on my first playthrough.






Not being able to see scares you?


Heights, just because I’m more likely to die from a fall then a clown/ghost :slight_smile:


Dying alone.


Heights and the Dark is my most fear




My worst fear is most definitely storms. Terrified of them.


Out of the three it has to be heights for me although I wouldn’t say I’m very scared of them, rather I’m very cautious of what could happen. It’s not the actual thought of being high up though, it’s the thought that if I fall there’s absolutely nothing I can do to stop it.


Mostly just afraid of the dark
@Shunty Storms are cool! Well, sometimes, not when the electricity goes out and it’s dark…


Stop it! No!


Heights, ghosts and clowns should team up


Wouldn’t that be a clown on stilts saying spooky stuffs?


Nah, it’s the ghost of a clown floating high above you.


Ghostly clown on the top of the tower holding you at gunpoint?


Too spooky


VR of buying groceries and getting your card declined. That’s terrifying.