[FYF] ๐ŸŽƒ Player Reaction Video Thread


Thank you Dovah!

They may be back sooner than we think. <3


I need to watch these when I am able. I am interested in VR but wonderโ€ฆfor those of us that get motion sickโ€ฆis this a similar experience?


I get motion sick but havenโ€™t really had a problem so far. :slight_smile:


Iโ€™ll always stick with TRS as my favorite game dev studio. :smiley: :heart:


There was an interesting article retweeted by @LadieAuPairโ€™s gaming accessibility conference account about motion sickness and vr. It seems a lot of it is able to be mitigated by good design choices.



A lot of motion-sickness is caused by bad choices and can be nearly completely avoided with some simple considerations.

Thatโ€™s why I keep telling everyone, itโ€™s never the platform that causes motion-sickness. Itโ€™s the app/game/experience youโ€™re playing and the choices the designers made that is causing it.

That being said, I didnโ€™t get motionsick while playing Face Your Fears or Other Worlds and they appear to follow the best practices mentioned in that article.


Will you guys ever make a game similar to Evolve? Or a game that allows you to control a creature? I really like Evolve. :smiley:


I bet if a small baby poop start talking to them on the street they would tottally freakout




My Dad has a Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge and so weโ€™re going to club together and get him the new Gear VR headset and check this (and hopefully the other title?) out at Christmas :smiley:


Iโ€™m hoping to show my family the VR stuff weโ€™ve been working on at Christmas time too! I canโ€™t wait!


Awww how cool Niaccurshi!!

You should record reactions for us. :smiley:


Here shortly, I will try to post a video of me shrieking during this. :slight_smile: