[FYF] 🎃 Player Reaction Video Thread


Shoot! I really wanna make my friends shit themselves.


I purchased a brand new Galaxy S6 with Gear VR just for this.

…Am I obsessed enough, or too much?


I hate those cheap games and movies that relays only on the jump scares as if there wasn’t any other value that could be put to the product… Ugh… Thumbdown


i feel ya bro. I have the LG G3, and my roommate has the LG G5… :frowning:


I know your pain. I’m not even easily startled when something happens in real life


I don’t get it, how do you “play” it? Also why do I have a cake next to my name.


Ok, so I just tried FYF at with my friend and its amazin! :smile:


It’s your anniversary on the forums! Happy “Cake Day”!


I didn’t know I was that old.


It’s not all jumpscares, don’t just assume things, and it’s free so theirs nothing to complain about


Face Your Fears and Other Worlds are “Experiences”. You use the touchpad to interact to get you started, otherwise once it’s going you just sit back and enjoy the experience…or s**t yourself if you get scared easily? :confused: :slight_smile:

And happy cake day :cake: :tada:



Happy cake day, nerd!


@Shaners, what happened to some of the employees who worked for Evolve? Did they lose their job or they were able to work for the VR games?


thanks I’m not into that but I’ll check it out sometimes I guess. :smiley:


Aww wow!

Thank you so much Memelord!!

We’ve got more in store for you as well! :smiley:


Most moved on to VR titles, etc.


Ok good, I was afraid for them because I heard that some of them literally lost their job.


A few people have, but most were moved to other titles.


:pensive: I hope them to live long, and happily.


I say the best amount!