[FYF] Christmas & New Years Party Reactions! ☃


Want to spice up your Christmas or New Years Party this year?

Have your friends and family play Face Your Fears! We want to see their reactions post them here!


Oooooh, can we get more TRS reaction vids?

@snowkissed do Final Approach! Do it! Please!!


If you could get her to do that, you’d be a god lol

It’s kind of hard to get people in the studio to play and get recorded. At least the ones we know would freak and make it a fun video.


What’s in it for me?


What do you want?


This is the demands:

Great movie if you haven’t seen it btw, but just watch for about 15 seconds.


Here is a treat for you, a video of one of our playtests for Final Approach. :airplane: This is how we make sure our experiences are scary! We invited in Merrie the wife of thegrafxguy who did all the rigging and some of the effects on the team. He’s the one who took this video.


Maybe it was just me, but I was waiting for someone to turn that fan on in the back once the plane started having cabin pressure issues :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL dude we should have done that!


This is why you should hire me :smiley: I bring all the good ideas :wink:


That’s right, I remember this lol this was her first playthrough, we had her do it a second time because she was holding the side of the headset which in developer mode fast forwarded the experience so she only did about half of it.

It’s also funny because you can tell once she screamed a couple times, people just sort of migrate over to watch.


That’s pretty embarrassing to see :no_mouth:. I got palpitations just watching myself do it. You guys did an awesome job…AS USUAL!!


I will put an offer on the table. I will do some custom art of your pet if you and any other TRS employees record their gameplays of your game (all devs taking part will get custom art)…and either stream it live or post it on YouTube or something for archival reasons (so we can all enjoy the watch :rofl:). That’s my ante.



Hi @Merrie_E! :wave: