Future Skin Challenges Discussion


Thread is a thread for idea diarrhea, concerning weekends where players work to earn free skins by trying things.

I would like to see-

Behemoth skin challenge: regain armour/snatch a buff in combat by blocking damage with a wall.

Kraken skin challenge: deal damage to hunters with Banshee Mines outside of combat.

Hyde skin challenge: deal all three kinds of damage simultaneously.

Crow skin challenge: GOBI SEES ALL. Gobi tagged every single creature still alive by the time the match finishes.


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These seem like hard challenges to do compared to the last 3. Also it needs to be available to everyone because not everyone has the dlc or T3 hunters.


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P.S: These all seem ridiculously difficult. Especially the last one. Plus, there shouldn’t be Behemoth or Crow based Challenges. Some people don’t want to pay for those.


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Thread is for suggestions. Make suggestions. TRS needs your idea diarrhea.


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They should do some kind of monster challenge that rewards all monsters with a skin. I would love to get T4 monster and Hunter skins as well. It’s not fair to myself and others that dlc has to be excluded because people don’t have them.

Maybe there should be a challenge where they can benefit too.


Hold up. Let me wait for my phone to charge. I have some pictures you need to see.


Ok. Patiently waiting.


Wait, nvm, I just learned that these aren’t Contest Skins. Or maybe they are and my source was wrong? Idk. Anyways, look at these.


I saw them on another thread earlier. Don’t know where to get them though.

PC I believe


I don’t think it’s PC only. They wouldn’t do that. These just so happened to have been taken on Steam.


PC for now. Console soon


im just gonna say it the topic creator is insane? how will the devs keep track of that?

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Sunny nerf? They nerf’d her already.


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