Future plans for Evolv Stage 2


I didn’t found any topic’s about future plans of Evolve Stage 2.

Maybe I’m too stupid and I missed that topic…

Anyway, if a Dev could answer it, what are you exactly plannin for Stage 2 now?
What are your priorities?
Are you going to put a option in the store to let us buy Silver Keys for real Money?
Will be the campain and other modes soon avaible?
What else are you guys going to redesign?



Hey, welcome to the forums.

The Devs primary plan right now is to make sure the game is fun, and sustainable. They want to fix bugs and listen to feedback and tune what they’ve got. After that… who knows? The first step in this games future is to make sure that it has a future. A dev may be able to elaborate a little more on this directly, but this is generally what they have told us on the forums and on streams already.

Expect the game to keep growing and having things added (monetisation must be on the cards in the future if they are to have money to keep the servers running!) but for now the aim of their work is to squash bugs and improve the experience :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply, man.

I’m just corious because the game feels extremly different now.
For an example the stealth gameplay of the monster for new players is gone.

I’m an old grown veteranhunter, for me its kinda easy to stealth even player use this satelite to track me.
I’m just corious how the dev’s are going to develope the game to the favour of us the players!


In my opinion the only thing TRS need to do is give players the space and means to learn. Like you say, stealth is possible if you know what you’re doing, and it’s natural new people would need to learn how to do that. :slight_smile:


I simply hope they fix Wraith and Gorgon…

TWO supposed to be glass cannons… yet the armor too great?? dafuq…

The abilities are fine, they are supposed to be fast and shit. BUT THE ARMOR… seriously?


When hunters start getting their experience levels up you’ll find their armour level isn’t all that impressive. Try to convince your assaults to take a movement speed perk and some poison rounds. That armour really won’t last all that long as long as your assault can keep up with the monster!

Also I don’t know what trapper you’re picking but while stasis seems like it doesn’t do much, it makes a monster so sluggish if they’re trying to get away from your assault. The best defence is a good offense they say, so get Abe laying down those stasis nades and your assault all up in their face!


Oh, well Abe grenades are great…
but woops, the Wraith can simply blink out of it. Woopsy.
And oh, whats that? The gorgon simply jump upwards? Oh my! What a surprise!


No, in my oppinion as Wraith is a glass cannon. She is allready super fast so make her a super a high risk-high reward character. She is supposed to be a hit and run character, a monster who simply hits hunters and dissapears quickly.
Her abilities are all fine.

I’m simply worried that people get so frustated since the game just went f2p and they all get pump stomped by Wraith or Gorgon. Which leads to what? Correctly! Not playin the game anymore!



In this IGN video the guy says that in an interview with Turtle Rock they told him that they were apparently thinking about selling bundles of characters, didn’t mention selling keys.

Also he said that they’re planning on releasing 4 new hunters in the first 8 weeks (as mentioned in the roadmap link above).