Future option of split screen on PC


OK, so having already seen this

I can tell you splitscreen won’t be feature on Evolve, the reason being the gameplay would be effected by the inability of the current gens consoles to render x2 the foliage and effects etc. That makes sense the current gen consoles didn;t come in a swinging like they did with 3/360 so that’s a shame for those users.

However on PC, we can do that, so why is there no mention of this? We are customers too and the above reasoning no longer applies. Sure given you have to launch the game you hands are full for now, but surley you can add more support in the future for this?

FYI I will be using sandbox to have dual steam accounts on one PC and play using two hd TVs in my living room anyway, but given I can already do it, I would appreciate some official support. Sure that is partly so I can have 4 people in one room playing a 4 person coop game, which you cannot deny… kinda seems like how it should be played.

Just some food for thought


While it would be cool to see, the necessity of this setup is so few and far between that I can’t see it being a worthwhile endeavor. Who knows, maybe they will add it, but I just don’t see the reason as the numbers for wanting this type of setup is really low.


My brother and I love playing split screen games. But it’s become almost impossible to find any games worth playing nowadays that have. Why isn’t this ever the option anymore it used to be the norm. Evolve would be the perfect game to play split screen on any console. Frankly that’s probably the only reason I won’t buy this game.


Yeah, almost no games have local co op anymore. I stopped hardcore PC gaming after I met the love of my life and we bought a PS4 to be able to play games together. Well… We are left with almost no choices of what to play because of the lack of couch co op. Really sickening. I thought consoles were so you could play with your buds sitting next to you.


It just makes me really sad. There is nothing more fun than getting a couple friends or family in the same room and turning on a game to play together. Its sad that Halo 2 Anniversary is likely one of the last good games to allow 4 person coop, and even more sad that most games nowadays don’t even allow 2 person coop.
And seriously, I bought this game without even thinking it would only allow one person to play on the same screen. I saw some gameplay videos before I got it, and it is literally the perfect split-screen game. Maybe split-screen between a hunter AND the monster wouldn’t work, but can you imagine even just 2 of the hunters on the same TV playing? This game is absolutely perfect for split-screen, as it requires intense communication among teammates.
And screw all those people that say “I’d rather have good graphics than allow more than one person on the same screen.” Saying that makes me think that those people have absolutely no friends to play it with, so they just sit at home all alone and play by themselves.
People with actual friends and family would have so much fun if this game allowed coop. I don’t even care about the graphics. I just want to play with my brothers and my friends.
Is there a way to send an email to the developers and ask if this is a possibility? I personally find the split screen on PC option to be a little bit ridiculous, but for Xbox One and Playstation 4, it seems almost required.
Is there a way to get in contact with the Evolve developers?