Future of ranking?

This is just a general call for information, really, about what’s going on with ranked rankings. It feels frustrating to have to keep facing pre-made teams that are supposedly my level yet be clearly outclassed by them.

Is there something that is going to happen to try and bump hunters up ranks to spread them out more? Or some kind of match making multiplier for pre-mades that puts them up against higher ranked monsters?

But then isn’t there the same issue with monsters being too grouped around the middle too?

I’m desperately just trying to lose games right now just so I can try to get to a rank where I won’t get put up against these kinds of teams, it’d be great if I didn’t need to sabotage my own game (and probably other people’s fun) to get appropriate matches :frowning:


The last couple nights that I was online with my pre-made team, we kept getting rekt by Monsters.

I have the opposite problem lol

It goes both ways, the rankings people have are too tightly grouped and so we are basically back to the problem we had with skirmish pre-5.0 which is that it is entirely pot luck as to whether you’re against someone of your skill level or not. It’s a shame.

Yeah, I think the free weekend hurt the ranking system pretty badly. The huge influx of brand new hunters gave some severely inflated rankings to pretty much the entire community. I’ve seen Silver Masters with less than 10 hours of game time. And I can totally agree that everyone seems to be bunched up in mid to low Silver, most everyone I know or see is somewhere between Silver Skilled and Expert with only a few outside of that range.

I saw a gold destroyer with only 2 hours…

This was by far the greatest thing I have seen the ranking system throw out in terms of hilarity.

One thing I can say is that pre mades definitely need some form of rank multiplier to face monsters more in line with them so essentially I agree with Niaccurshi


I think part of the issue is you can win against teams of similar skill all night and with one loss to a team of equal or LESSER skill. have all the points you got be nullified.

It’s too hard to gain rank and too easy to lose it.


Wait what rank are you? I rarely get the opportunity to go against a good team of pre made hunters and when I do I take damn well good advantage of it to improve and be more of a challenge. Who wants games where you walk over players lower than you? Thats just not fun.

I think it’s like someone else said though, realistically you shouldn’t be moving rank too much once settled, unless your skill really does get better.

I’d like to see something built in to the ranking so that a number of consecutive wins actually boosts your rank considerably, to “test” you against better opposition. At the moment I feel it operates the wrong way around, with single losses taking you down too easily, but multiple wins slowing your rise. I’d prefer to see losers generally stay where they are and winners make perhaps overly optimistic rises.

Edit: To clarify, I think what I’d like to see is some kind of “check” on WLRs and on recent form. For example if you’re in Silver Skilled you should have a WLR of something around the 50% mark after 50 games or so (according to previous information about this settling out of ranks). If you’re sitting in Silver Skilled with a 60% WLR, and a recent form of win rates that exceeds 60%, maybe your next win should give you a “bonus” bump. Losing is pretty harsh on your points anyway so if you’re placed and it’s too much for you you should drop down over a short period of time to somewhere between where you were and where you got bonus-bumped to.

That being said, I think the points losses for losing seem somewhat fair (though there are plenty of edge cases where going up against a premade that seem to be of greater rank makes you lose more points than you’d win in the opposite case), so it’s really only the winning formula that needs a tweak or adaptation.

No-one. No-one has said they want this.


No I know you havn’t said this but do you not think that considering the current player base de ranking your self will find the players you crave? I mean, of course your choice man but I would just see that being silly considering that will most likely put you with players under your skill level especially as a person who stays up to date on how to play the game and active on the forums. Hence why I asked your current rank because unless you are Gold I wouldn’t see the point. No disrespect :grin:

That I agree with but again all comes down to the player base which is the main issue and what I am assuming TRS and 2K are doing their best to improve.

I’m not sure why you’re discussing me specifically? :slight_smile:

I’m not talking about my issues here, I’m talking about an objective problem with how games are matched. The problem is with the Bronze Destroyer to Silver Elite rankings, pretty much everyone is there, and so it means that a match against randoms that happen to be Silver can be entirely different to a premade where they’re a mix of Bronze and Silvers.

Something needs to be done to help either spread these people out, or to acknowledge that the pre-made teams have an inflated rank that should be reflected in who they’re matched against.

Let’s remember that ranked mode was intended to help people play against people of their skill level, and as such have more balanced, more intense and therefore more fun games. Right now it is turning back to being a fairly mixed bag (while it was actually pretty good for a period after first release), and that needs some attention IMO.

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I have tons of footage where I get paired up with teams of Pre-mades and lose, getting 3 points and when I lose to them 2 matches later, I lose 20 points.

I have 27 wins and 10 loses as a Monster and I am at Silver Elite, while I have like 33 wins and almost 40 losses as a Hunter and am at Silver Master. I’d say the rankings of who I fought are around the same too.

EDIT: I forgot to mention the important fact that I started at Silver Master in Monster. I have an almost 70% winrate and yet I have dropped in rank and was in serious danger of getting demoted to Silver Skilled. WHEN I HAVE MORE WINS THAN AS A HUNTER!

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Don’t worry man I am not targeting you was just curious to the fact you felt the need to de rank yourself that’s all considering I actually rarely get games where a nice pre made hunter squad is about to challenge me. :smile:
I do agree that players need to be jumped up so we can actually take those out of bronze that deserve to be silver and those out of silver that deserve to be gold!

Yeah I have a 60ish% WLR and am around about the border of Bronze/Silver right now, mostly thanks to big points losses against determining rank teams.

There’s being challenged, and being outmatched. I don’t mind challenge, that’s fun. I do mind being dominated in stage 1 domes. I’m not stupid enough to claim that this is anything other than them outclassing me, so if they’re in silver skilled pre-mades then either they need to be moved up the ranks much quicker, or I need to drop down the ranks to have less chance of being paired up against people like that. Only one of those is going to happen in the short term, and is in my control.

The thing for me, personally, is that I can “play down” my monster game if I can see I’m playing against lower skilled players. Hunter teams never play down to not try to utterly dominate me as a monster, so it’s better all round in the meantime to drop rank. If TRS then implement something that pushes winners up the ranks appropriately (temporarily unless successful?) then I should have no issue getting back to my “proper” place while everyone else filters through to their right rank.

Ah, I get you. Well hope you get somewhere you feel comfortable. :grin:

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All I want is for ranked to match me against people of a similar skills level to myself so in otherwords not gold pre mades thank you very much

I havn’t made it into the live stream for a few weeks so I was wondering if we have heard anything further about incorporating other factors into the ranking algorithm? I heard @macman mention a while back that they were looking into Mastery Levels and possibly even hours played being incorporated somehow? That may not be entirely accurate as it has been a while now, but I definitely heard that they were looking at something like this.

I also agree that the player rankings need spreading out more and I’m keen to see something implemented sooner rather than later.

So I know there are a bunch of PC guys in this thread so I want to give the Xbox Version of how this is going from one of the most average Xbox Guys out there.

First, I’ve been primarily a Hunter so take this as you will. Monsters are getting boned hard. I’ve been playing Monster and right now the only thing I can do is pick BOB to have a good shot at winning. All I run into are pre-mades with Laz and Sunny/Bucket. If I get caught Stage 1 with any other Monster, it’s basically done. (As it should be but I feel it must be said) I don’t feel like the damage output I can put out at Stage 3 is good enough. If I make it to Stage 3 I have usually taken quite a bit of health damage, I just don’t feel powerful as a Stage 3 Monster anymore so I hope the incoming Monster buffs are good.

TL;DR As a Monster I either run into Bronze Randoms and kill it or Silver Pre-mades and get killed. When I manage to beat a Silver Team I barely get any points to justify it.

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Went back and found some old quotes I remember seeing about a month back regarding this stuff. As posted further up, I’m keen to hear if there are any updates regarding this. @Shaners is there any information to share on these ideas?

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Sorry about this afternoon pygmy :smiley:

But you know, we love you :wink: