Future of Evolves DLC(ideas)


This discussion is about the future of Evolves DLC. Will there be more maps? More monsters and hunters? I have several ideas for Monsters and Hunters, and would like to discuss/share them with other people in the community.


Ever since the tier 4 hunters were announced(really hyped for them), I have been constantly thinking about what might be next, for example a fifth tier of hunters accompanied by a fifth monster.


Apparently theres a 1 year plan for dlc then after that, (this i know for sure) it will all depend on the community wanting/supporting for more.

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I will always want more :smiley:


I’m hyped for tier 4 and ti got me thinking about the next batch. I’d love a pirate assault. Just think about a futuristic armor-clad version of:

  1. Multiple flintlock pistols
  2. Blunderbuss
  3. Grenades or portable cannon

I guess one of these above could be replaced with a sword or boarding ax if they could figure out how to make it work.


That’s a mighty fine idea, I think that the whole space pirate idea would be awsome! I’ve got a few ideas myself.


This is an idea I’ve had for a while. So his name is Aleks, he’s an assault. His item set includes:
The personal shield that’s used by the class
Quad-Launcher(it’s pretty much a 4 barrelled grenade launcher that shoots 4 grenades at once)
Combat rifle(a assault rifle with a huge ammo pool,rapid rate of fire and a laser sight)
Blaze grenade(a grenade that explodes on contact,and ignights the monster for 10 or so seconds)

NOTE-I may not be the best artist but I thought some visual aid for my ideas might be good.


(This picture was drawn by my obviously skilled friend)
Monster wise, I currently have about 5 ideas, but I’ve completed one and want to share it.
This is Grigore,the giant bat.
-night dance

Grigore creates a powerful gust that will knock back hunters(if they are airborne, they will go further)
Grigore senses the area around him,outlining everything in the radius for a few seconds
Night dance:
Grigore goes berserk and his Melee attacks will cause hunters to bleed,which will do DOT on the hunters but heal Grigore
Grigore will leap forward,grab a target and then gains increased speed and can then flee with the clutched hunter,who will not be released until Grigore is damaged


Yes there will be more maps, more hunters and more monsters.

All maps are free, as long as the game is profitable and there is demand they intend to make more DLC.

Personally I want a slime monster.


I would like to see new wildlife on new maps. Since its a different region of the planet i would expect different wild life.

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Yeah, like for example in the new map that is a giant underground mine system, I think that there should be giant bats and rock monsters and stuff like that.

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Are we sharing dlc ideas here? I’ll try.

Maps: I’d like to see a slightly more urban setting such as the two new maps coming, interesting mechanics and places such as Slagtown (the little settlement in one of them)

How about innocent colonists as the food source? Not with health like the hunters or rescue people, but like wildlife. Imagine smashing into a building and gobbling up the people. Breakable walls are a thing in the new maps. Instead of birds on the maps the running, and screaming people are your birds. Perhaps some may carry personal sidearms, with gunshots being your birds. Low damage of course, a pellet gun basically

Monster: This is inspired by a thread in which people joked about Skrillex monster dropping the bass. It has no name so well go with Skril for now.

This is a sound based monster. Instead of heavy stomping you track this thing by the sounds it makes. Imagine a sort of centipede with a huge subwoofer on it I guess. Here be some skillz

Bass Cannon: Heavy attack like rock throw, but with an area like vortex. Deliver (not digiorno) a drop like no other disorienting hunters and knocking them back

Bass Cannon: A core skill, causing an AOE like aftershock although it travels in the ground like fissure, knocking all around you upwards

Wait For It: A few seconds of total invincibility, and immobility. Long enough to generate a tiny portion of armor. Defensive skill

Bass Cannon: D-D-D-D-DROP THE BASS (when this skill is used after setting up a Wait For It a large bass fish is summoned from the nearest ocean and dropped from orbit onto the hunters)

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Ha…that sounds amazing


You know that monster sounds pretty bad ass. I havent seen or heard of many sound based characters being in a game, so i would rrally love to see this

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The monster part ended up being kinda humorous but I couldn’t describe it without it being so. I’m not the most creative, but I do really think a sound based monster would be cool


Pretty sure they’ve got fifth tier monster and 2 hunters confirmed(hunters not really sure if they’re fifth tier) but I’d love to see more mutagen war refugees, and maybe more characters that were from the lore of the game(ie the sword)

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their is going to be a oficial 5th monster. they are working on it right now. It is part of the Evolve PC Monster Race Edition ($100 USD) for, you guested it, PC evolve players. It is suppost to be some sort of shape shifter I think.


Does this mean the console players won’t be getting this fifth monster,is it a PC exclusive?


I don’t know. You’ll have to look that one up. I’m sure though that it is just early access to the monster, they wouldn’t divide the fan community like that.

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