Future map ideas


I was thinking if we could have some future hunt maps with activate traps on like murder pits or ones you have to activate all together in sync with each other,I think it would add a lot of tactical play and maybe the monster could have mini objectives on the maps to activate little traps for himself,kind of like a game within a game!

Do I go to activate a trap?(which would need generators etc destroying) which would waste time or do I continue feeding,adds more variety I feel!

Gives hunters and monsters optional side objectives to pursue if wanted too to maybe benefit them later on.


While cool, I think this idea would end up moving too far away from the standard Hunt formula. It sounds better suited for a separate gamemode to me.


Yeah maybe true or maybe just add some maps with these traps not everyone.

The reason I think this would be a good idea is because let’s be honest when your looking for the monster sometimes you can spend 10+mins just running round in circles,if there was other objectives it would at least give you options to keep your interest levels up(I’m thinking for newer players with shorter concentration levels)hardcore players like myself are used to running for 10 mins doing nothing lol.


Maybe hunt3.0 lol


All I ask for is a dense forest/jungle map, or icy/blizzard map, or an ocean map.

pls TRS I’m being you.



I would love a spacecraft map… That would be sweeeell.


True but that would be hard to manage space wise.


~cough~ special gamemode in Ajax with the exclusive Monster, Assault must be Torvald ~cough~


Space ship.


Gotta love space core. He’s gotta watch out for Tamriel though.