Future Hunters ( Season Pass )


Just curious as to how many set of new hunters/monsters do you think will come out with this game ?

So far I’ve become more addicted to it while hunting everything but wraith lol …


I imagine that we’ll keep on getting hunters as long as people keep paying for them and playing evolve

As for an actual number, I’ll throw a random guess at 8-10 for each class


Awesome, I just maxed Crow out… This game has potential to last a while given the right new monsters/maps/hunters.


Then five.


They should of had a season pass for maybe like 4 sets of hunters/monsters of something because the way it’s going we are going to have to keep paying £20 for a set of 4 all the time,so if they release another say 3x sets of 4 that’s £80 when it would of been better releasing a £40 season pass for all of them.

Again we don’t know how many hunters/monsters their going to release but they should know 1 new set of hunters is not good considering this game needs to keep us motivated etc…

But I’d rather they sorted out the mess on ps4 as the last patch really created a lot of crashes,freezes,character model bugs, and in game screen flickering and frame drops.


Personally i think we might get tier 6, but i think that’s it. I don’t think evolve is profitable enough to warrant further development, but then again i dont know the actual numbers.


It’s any bodies guess lol but if they made this game for a long term commitment which I think they did then I’m sure there will be lots of hunters/monsters coming our way,I just can’t see them doing a few sets then saying we have finished supporting this game now, I mean it’s a profitable game with all the add-ons in the store and it seems there going to keep flooding the store with a ton of content.

Games not been out long I expect at least another 8 months of content for us.


Sounds good, I’m still trying to figure out how to beat the new monster… But I do expect them to add a lot more content… Primarily new maps or even a larger game… ( 2 vs 8 ) …


Yes new maps for sure


6th tier if we’re lucky to still have a community by then if not, they can always make the game a F2P and sell new hunters on a more regular basis.


They said the first year is guaranteed content, but beyond that depends of the fanbase.

I would like to see another two tiers of Hunters, then focus more of Monsters and Maps for a time.


I agree. I would like to hope this game can make it past the one year mark…


I think it will evolves one of them games you will come back to even if you abandon it for a while it’s a addictive game regardless of the flaws


Threeve is my answer.