Future hunter ideas


Patches (trapper):
a chimaera logger who got his eye replaced with a reaver eye after an accident involving a malfunctioning saw drone. he’s a large man with a Spanish accent. he gets embarrassed whenever anybody asks how he survived the invasion, and quickly changes the subject. he’s very shy, and very polite.

compound crossbow: a single shot, high accuracy weapon. its barbed shots cause the monster to bleed, causing DOT and the monster leaves a trail of blood spots.

gravity projector: increases the gravity of a large area slightly. it doesn’t slow or affect stamina, but it does force the monster to leave tracks, whether its sneaking or not.

concussion mine: knocks the monster back, but does no damage. it has a placement animation, like griffin’s spikes, and can only be placed directly at your feet. five can be placed total.

Adam (medic):
Adam has had a troubled past. he’s the first human to be completely made from scratch. grown during the second mutagen war, he’s been kept isolated in a compound on a remote planet for his entire life. a few years ago, the monsters destroyed the compound, leaving him to fend for himself. his social skills are nonexistent, especially since he was made and trained to have a highly analytical and logical mind. because of this, he often accidentally creeps out his crewmates:

Dropship conversation:
Blinky: to be honest, you creep me out.
Huxley: …
Blinky: Hux?
Huxley: apologies, I did not know you were talking to me. Also, I do not know what the status of being “creeped out” is.
Blinky: it’s when you’re… scared of something.
Huxley: I see. I have found that fear is a natural reaction to a threat.
Blinky: and are you a threat?
Huxley: to these monsters we hunt, yes. To you, perhaps. I will have to gather more data on the subject.
Blinky: Well, let me know when you find out.

selection rifle: fires a solid beam that heals hunters and hurts wildlife and monsters. the beam looks a lot like val’s medigun, but doesn’t lock on to targets.

repair field: is thrown like one of abe’s grenades, and heals hunters in the same way abe slows the monster. only three can be placed, however, and it has a long cooldown and small radius.

defense burst: basically hyde’s grenades, but the cloud follows you (without leaving a trail). it punishes the monster for focusing you or nearby hunters.

Nancy (assault):
an old woman who stole a giant exosuit in order to kill monsters. she’s a bit crazy, and prone to random mood swings, which makes her just as likely to bake you cookies as kill you. her suit comes with several weapons, all of which he loves to use a little too much.

Plasma Beam: shoots a solid laser of plasma, setting anything it hits on fire. if the monster is in the AoE of her magnetic mines, the plasma locks onto it, hitting with 100% accuracy as long as she has LoS. does less damage than the lightning gun and flamethrower.

HYDRA launcher: a guided rocket launcher that nancy hasn’t quite gotten the hang of yet. instead of always hitting the monster, it hits whatever target is closest, so if any wildlife is closer than the monster, they will be hit instead. long reload, high damage.

Magnetic Mine: if the monster is within its sphere of influence, it guides the plasma beam to hit the monster with 100% accuracy.

Rush (support):
a rich-kid adrenaline junky from hub, he traveled out to the far arm to see some adventure. Now he’s stuck on the planet, despite being offered several chances to leave. This is the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to him, and he is NOT going to pass it up. Thankfully, he brought some high-tech gadgets with him that turn him from a liability to an asset.

Morph Gun: puts small weak spots on the monster when not scoped in in a shotgun style, and on large weak spot when scoped in like a sniper rifle.

Aggression Launcher: applies the super-soldier effect to everything in the radius of the blast for 5 seconds. takes 10% off your health every time you fire. you can apply this to yourself, of course.

shield beacon: gives all hunters in a radius around you shield for 10 seconds. long cooldown, and makes you vulnerable to AoE.

those were my ideas! feel free to yell constructive criticism at me in the comments!



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