Future Hunter Character Names


I spent about 15-30 minutes of my life thinking of 6 sets of future names of Hunters I would like to see in Evolve. I’m not sure why I did it, but here they are:
(TRS feel free to take these :smile:)

1st Set
Trapper: Wes [Male]
Medic: Dominic “Dom” Osborne [Male]
Assault: Laurel [Female]
Support: Skye Kox [Female]

2nd Set
Trapper: Seymour [Male]
Medic: Cherish Ohff [Female]
Assault: Angus McMauth [Male]
Support: Azalia [Female]

3rd Set
Trapper: Zeddie [Female]
Medic: Morgan Bronc [Male]
Assault: Hans Fogg [Male]
Support: Gil [Male]

4th Set
Trapper: Autumn [Female]
Medic: Alisha Holt [Female]
Assault: Eve [Female]
Support: Dion Tragher [Male]

5th Set
Trapper: Hewitt [Male]
Medic: Faye [Female]
Assault: Felix [Male]
Support: Nicola [Male]

6th Set
Trapper: Nix [Male]
Medic: Leanne Kris [Female]
Assault: Parker [Male]
Support: Zoe [Female]

Thank you for reading all the way to the end. I know it’s not the most exciting thing, but I just wanted to get it out there. If anyone has some suggestions or constructive critisism please don’t hesitate to share!


Some of these are perfectly fine for new names but I think they design the character and then find a name that fits after the fact.

Also Skye Kox sounds like someone you’d need to put in a credit card to see more of.


Yeah. It’s mostly just for my amusement :smile: And I’m going to ignore the implied reference there… Hahaha


Every single time I would Seymour, I would be forced to go all out on him shouting “FEED ME SEYMOUR!” and I would always have to eat his corpse :stuck_out_tongue: