Future for Evolve what would you like to see? Maybe free to play someday?


I wanted to talk to the forums about the future of Evolve since the game is coming up to its one year mark of release. That and with the 5th tier being just about done what do we think will happen with this game next and what we would like to see. Now I put free to play in the title because this is something I would like to talk about as well. It has been talked about in the past with mixed feelings which I can understand. I want to talk about it again to see if views on this topic maybe have changed? I don’t bring up free to play because I think this games player base is dead. I honestly want free to play because I want Turtle Rock to keep doing things for this game. I would like Evolve to keep going strong with more updates now I have no idea if free to play is even needed. I only want to talk about free to play because I feel at this point if Evolve wanted to it could make the jump easily if it wanted to. With all the skins and characters at the store it could be an option in the future. I just want to know what people would like to see or what we think will happen from this point on.

Pro/Con's of Evolve going free 2 play

The day evolve goes free to play is the day Ieave Evolve forever. It’s a terrible idea


That’s the thing, they can’t do what you listed as long as there is a playerbase because as a triple A title it needs to make money to do what you list. I’m not saying a triple A title going f2p is out of the question but if you want them to support the game in the ways you list it(at least to my knowledge of how much it costs to do these things) they need money and I don’t think the DLC characters or skins will be enough of a leg stand for them.

I personally don’t want this game to be f2p because I feel it deserves to be more than just f2p and they deserve every penny they make off the game for fact that its not only an original concept but they were able to pull it off so well for it being new stomping ground in terms of gameplay mechanics.


Well I think playerbase is fine for finding games. I just don’t know if the player base is big enough for them to keep the updates coming for long term on this game. I am also not saying free to play is something it has to do I just think it could be an option for it is all. because at this point with all the sales on this game I would say the people who are going to get it most likely already own it. My asking if free to play being a choice is bringing in more people who could like the game and spend money on it for other things. Now I am not saying this would work or that it is needed. as I said I am just asking people what they feel the future of this game stands, and if we would be open to this idea. Not something I think this game needs sorry if I made it seems I was begging for this.


Free to play is awful and doesn’t make a game better, it only makes it irrelevant because they are designed to make you pay.


Besides I’d rather support the developers through the purchase of skins and NEW DLCS. I’d totally buy any new DLC they put out.


Yet again not trying to say its the way to go just asking. Also not saying if it went free to play you would have to pay for things you already payed for. I am just talking about the future for Evolve and what you see happening. Not trying to say you have to see free to play as the answer or even a choice at all.


Amen brother, besides, some skins are totally worth it (Night Hunter skin for Maggie is freakin’ gorgeous, I mean, check Daisy; Tiger Goliath skin; and more)


For what I would hope for the future for Evolve is that they keep supporting it, even when 2K gives them a request to make another game or somesort, with updates, new content and more especially, a listening heart :slightly_smiling:


Yeah I would love to see a 6th set of characters. I hope they keep up with this game for months to come.


F2P can live on for years, while pay one time games usually stop being supported after a year or less.

Most console games with DLC live for a year.


Well, soon it will be one year for Evolve. Let’s see how much that will apply to the game.
Remember, they did see they are looking for adaptations for each tier, so I might be safe to assume that Evolve and TRS will be the exception on that “rule”.


Down the Road, if it went F2P I wouldn’t be pissed. I got my money out of it now. Personally I wouldn’t care either way, I just don’t think F2P will happen Soon™


Yeah that is true console games can struggle after the dlc stops. I can understand that some really don’t like the idea of free to play. I only bring it up because it doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me if done right. but as I said not sure if Evolve needs it or not I just wanted to see how people on the forums feel about the idea. Its been talked about a few times and is always get mixed reviews. I think you started a topic about this back in the day if I remember right?


Yeah I only am talking about it because it has been a year and I feel it was at least worth talking about. I know some people who really hate the idea. but I agree with you it doesn’t seem like something that would happen anytime soon.

Edit: if it even happens at all.


Each tier that isn’t DLC, you mean.


Yeah… I don’t want this game F2P.


Well that is fine but just asking why wouldn’t you? I would just like to hear what people have to say. I understand F2P has this really bad stigma around it.


I am actually new to the forums, but I’ve been playing evolve since it released. Do you mean f2p as in style of warframe? Or no sub fee?



They are probably working on Evolve 2 right now though.