Future Female Assault hint?


So there was some dropship talk with Slim mentioning a rumor about an “old lady” who built some sort of…Destroyer suit (i think?) to fight monsters with, sounds like a possible hint to Tier 5 2me :slight_smile: @Matthew @Macman hmmmmmm…

I visualize something along the lines of Bernadette Mataki from Gears of War…minus the “native” touch since we already have Crow/Maggie. Maybe some decorated, retired, “Edge of Tomorrow” type.

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A kind, old lady in a death suit who speaks softly until in combat, where she starts cursing more than Abe.

Take my money.


I’m usually hopped up on mescaline when I’m writing, don’t take any of that stuff seriously.

Other robot tease?

Lol yeah ion know about that, the whole “i don’t know probably just a rumor” or whatever that came at the end sounded kinda prophetic to me. Though i suppose that might be too obvious…but then theres that “like” you got from Chloe who loves Assault…ah well time will reveal all I suppose :wink:


Who cares. Make it a thing.


The rare double-bluff!


Old lady + assault class = win


“Well, sonny boy… I’m 'bout to fuck you up.”

“Jackass spotted breathin’ fire! What a pussy… Come get some real action!”

Dropship conversation between old lady and Hank —v

Lady - “You remind me of my son.”

Hank - “Uh, thanks. I guess.”

Lady - “That was before he got ripped up by one of those beasts.”

Hank - “We all got a story or two like that in our books. That why you decided to join up?”

Lady - “What kinda pansy-ass reason is that? I came to fuck shit up.”


I have too much fun with this stuff, but I totally agree. Old lady assault would be awesome. I feel like it’d be equally cool to have her husband be a 5th tier trapper alongside her.


“Back in my day, we used to fight these monsters with nothin’ but a spoon and a rubber band!”


by old lady you mean 38ish


You misspelled “Funyuns”.


I fucking love you, Hydra. :joy:


There is going to be a female for every class, just wait awhile. ^.-


Dat moment when we see a match with all the (Possible) female hunters and Wraith… The sights to seen that day… Fuzzy eyes


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I expect your kidding, but either way … Best. Job. Ever!

Most places would fire a person just for implying something like this – I applaud your bosses.


Old lady assault dialogue: “would any of you nice young fellers like some cupcakes? I made a batch last time I came to shear but I lost them…”

Crow: “I’m sure Gobi will find them… Gobi sees all! When did you last have them?”

Old lady assault: " oh I can’t remember" she frowns, “but the last thing I do remember is beating that behemoth the f#@$ up and it was crying like a baby back b!%$#! You should have seen the little !%$#!! That’ll teach that $%$$ $&#@21#$ turkey baster %&$&$&#% $&#%$ cherry #%##$##$# piece of $&$$$$$%$$ to ever $%#%#$# with a sponge $%$@%$% again!”

… Dead silence due to all jaws being dropped to the floor and Abe is even red from the verbal assault

Something like that? @Desolas :slight_smile:



Her loyalty cat


Still a better idea than the “cute little girl in an exosuit assault” idea.


I’m 100% okay with an old lady T5 assault…


And while she is on the dropship she will be knitting.