Future DLC/Tier 5


Can anyone update me on TRS’s plans for future hunters/monsters?


I think no one, except the trs team, knows it.


They really should address future plans before people begin to lose hope and stop playing.


At this point we know about as much about t5 as we know about the Illuminati… Its out there we just don’t know much else :wink:


So there is hope then? Cool!


Let’s give them time! We just got T4 hunters and monster.


You didn’t know if they were planned yet?


Haha, you’re right. I just thought it was odd that they have yet to even announce anything.


There is only one thing I can tell for sure : it is not going to be soon


I would rather get some news on game modes. this game really needs a ranked mode soon.


Nobody knows, nothing has been said publicly.


Honestly I’d guess a lot of them don’t even know. :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re probably working on a tier 5 set of hunters for release in a month or two as well as a new monster. Dunno if they’ll drop at the same time like with T4/Behemonth. I’d guess even if they have plans to launch them at the same/different times that may very well change between now and then depending on how development goes.

They’re also likely working on new maps/modes/features for free updates, but again they haven’t announced any formal specifics or even gone beyond hinting and describing vague plans at the moment.


So… You know as much as me ^^


Alright I’ll tell you what I know…

In the following months (wait for it! Heheh) there will be…


And the fifth monster is…


Hey guys… guys… Yep over here. That’s right, me, the PS4 gamer. I’ve still not played on the two new maps yet and you’re talking Tier 5!


I’m on PS4 too. But at least the new maps are confirmed and have a release date.


Even the TRS team doesn’t even know lol jk


I’m on PC, your point is? Yeah, not getting it.


What we know about T5:

  • It will arrive some time in the future. My best guess would be not for a couple months. Have a game mode or two and some more maps and then T5.

  • It will have at least 1 Monster. It will have at least 2 Hunters. We don’t know what roles those Hunters will be.

That is pretty much it.