Future alpha tests?


Hey this alpha has been really fun, but I wanted to ask if there would be any future tests like this? I only got to play a little this weekend and it says awesome, keep it up! Sorry if this has already been asked before.


There will be a Public Beta soon :wink:


That’s awesome! Definitely looking forward to that.


Can you confirm this somehow?


Yes, Take a look at this

Join the open Beta


Yea, xbox one >< how useful for me


It’s a time exlusive Beta.

The Xbox will get the open Beta first and then PC and PS4 :wink:


This might help :slight_smile:


Thank you @Plaff


mmm I’m pretty sure that anything beta-ish will be exclusive for the X-box One. The’yve said it multiple time. Not sure what the ‘DLC exclusive’ for x-box is.


I’ll test on any system since I hae them all :smile: I’m going to get on the PC though since it will be the best platform to play it on IMHO.


I think the Devs have comfirmed there will not be any DLC exclusive’s for any platforms

EDIT: it says in the video the Xbox one player will get the DLC first


They get the maps first, which are free anyways.


Yeah I’m only playing this on pc anyways.


The only announced Beta at this time is the one @Brannomo is referring to. There might be other chances before that, however!



@DamJess I promise to not play with my food only to hunt and kill it if you let us have another alpha…pwetty pwease!


What? Heck no I’m going to eat & evolve so I can do some real damage, LOL


I wish the Goliath had a “sit on hunter” emote or better yet an emote where the Goliath points at a hunter then at it’s mouth…


I’d love even an autoemote of a huge roar when youve killed 3 hunters and there’s only one left alone.