Fusion plant

Is such a good map vs kraken. Real talk.

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I love this spot on fusion plant. Not too great against the other monster though. But against Kraken…have fun.

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I’m not in this one :frowning:

That was a great game last night!

That Maggie not doing anything near the end when kraken had so little health and got away, made me sad :frowning: Those harpoon traps should have been placed around more too, especially inside the relay area, and between the platforms (where Sunny got downed).

Some masterful gaming though. Way to hang in there. When you pull shit like that off I love to play krakens. You feel that your team really needs to co-ordinate and help each other out whilst doing their own bit if they want any hopes of beating this monster (Which I feel is how Evolve should feel).

He should really put up the video of us last night. I did an excellent Maggie job. We also had way more time in the tunnel to show what the video is about.

I have the one we did last night. Didn’t upload it yet though. The maggie wasn an AI near the end of the match. So…only so much could be done there. I honestly feel this is the best spot to fight a kraken on this map.