Fusion Plant strategy


Would like to get input on strategy when monster goes sloth alley off spawn. Whats your play as a hunter team? All follow, all cut to other end of alley, 2-2 split, or 3-1 split? Obviously it depends on comp so lets break it down into sunny comp, hank comp, laz comp and no shields/no laz comp. May depend a bit on monster, can comment on that if youd like too.Any input is appreciated


Defensive comb : Spread 2 - 2

Assault with medic / support (North South Ally )

Trapper with support / medic (East South Ally )

Assault always push the monster

Trapper has to be in the opposite location from assault

Trapper gets directed from communication with his teammate

Great trapper don’t follow the monster at all … he stay at the middle and whenever monster go to either side (right or left ) trapper will doom him

With laz

You can play recklessly in stage 1 … he will back you up

Offensive comb (rogue val )

Trapper by the medic side always because he can easily die

It’s better to run as group

Cabot can dust tag the monster to help the team track him

Kala can travel which will help the teamate to reduce the distance

It’s hard for Bucket … because he will be delayed from his team


I don’t think the comp makes a difference.
It’s always just Medic+Assault that push through the canyon, and Support+Trapper that set up on the big cylindrical building that is almost equidistant from both entrances to the canyon.
You don’t want to have the trapper assume the monster is going to go through all of the canyon. The monster might turn back at any moment so it’s best to stay in a position where both routes are possible.


If you all follow the monster has the speed to just get away from you. If you all cut you may get lucky but most monsters are sensible enough to sniff out that at least someone is cutting that way and will double back on themselves since most of the time it’s the trapper cutting so doubling back allows for a clean getaway over the top of the chasing team.

A 2-2 split is always a safe approach, though it’s normal for Trappers to do the cutting with support and I’d say, given monsters like to double back when they feel like they’re running in to a dome, that the team should chase with the trapper instead.

Personally though, I just don’t bother. I hate that part of the map, it forces the hunters to commit too much to one action or another. I prefer to stand out as trapper not far from the spawn point (where all the venom hounds are) and have the team (the reason for this 3-1 split is I feel it encourages the monster more to continue running, a more effective flush) push in via the sloth end and keep me informed on comms so that worse case scenario we trap it somewhere around the downed ship or the buildings. Based on what the team say I can move back to the Sloth end if the monster’s changed his direction or carry on to intercept.


Trapper/Support go bottom, Assault/Medic flush through top. If trapper gets an early dome and you don’t have shields, pop an early cloak and hide while you wait for Assault/Medic to catch up.

Only for Stage 1. After that, all flush - a split that big is too dangerous.