Fusion Plant Salamander?


At around 6:30 in the video, an elite grey crocodile thing (Without Spines, though, so not a tyrant) appears and ducks into the water

Anybody have a clue what this is? I’m looking at you @Plaff, @Macman and @GentlemanSquirl


Its kinda blurry, but it looks like a Tyrant to me. Its probably an LOD version of it, since its far away. Details are missing like the spikes. However its head’s silhouette looks a lot like a tyrant. Moves like a tyrant. About the size of the tyrant. Stays around the the water like a Tyrant.


I’m pretty sure it’s just an elite Tyrant


Yeah, it’s pretty damn similar.

But it also looks smaller, and has a more rounded head.

But yeah, probably a tyrant.


Yeah that looks like an elite Tyrant to me. I always found the Tyrant to be my favorite wildlife monster just because of how it behaves like a crocodile.


All the imaginations are running wild… The hype!


It’s an elite tyrant. That’s one of it’s notorious hiding spots for that map.


You can tell it is the Tyrant due to its glowing white eyes