Fusion Plant as monster


Am I the only one that totally hates this map like no other? There’s like…absolutely nowhere good to fight on this map, if there is and I’m missing it please let me know. I’ve yet to find one…I just hates it.


It’s my favorite map for both sides, although I know others have issues with it.


I actually love this map too. I like how the monster can traverse over the gap to escape the hunters.

Fun to evolve up on the UFO as well.


It is pretty good to start out by running north thru the canyon that has the Crowbill Sloth. Lots of food to eat as you make your way back towards the water in the southeast. That is a good spot to fight as Behemoth since there are not a lot of ledges. The south west area isn’t too bad for Kraken or Goliath.


This is the route I take and it helps me all the time, providing that you can outrun the hunters for the majority of the match. I tend to engage at Stage 2 when ready to evolve just for some strikes to help later.

Hopefully this helps you a bit @Wanderwulf :smile:

Credit to @Seven02 for the image :stuck_out_tongue:


I was trying to find the one with the feeding route but gave up lol.



I don’t even know if that is the feeding route but that’s the way I found that works best for myself


Great replies thanks that’s awesome. I think I definitely see where I’m going wrong I usually start out going East first and then end up in the SE water area. I don’t think that’s a good beginning route at all because it’s easy for the Hunters to get a Stage 1 dome that way.

The reason I always thought it it was tempting to head that way is because you start out by that big canyon with a lot of ledges so to continue east you can use them to confuse Daisy. I’m also a Wraith player and the SE area imo isn’t a great spot for her for fighting at all. I have some sort of a thing for getting domed in the SW water area.

I’m so going to try the route you guys mentioned next time.

Edit: I meant to say East, and SE not West/SW


Anything to help a fellow player :smile:


It is a decent route but Hunters also know about it. As a monster you have to be careful that the Trapper didn’t take the cut off route and went east from the dropship to cut you off instead of following your tracks.

Fusion plant is also not a map that I like as a Monster player.


Yea, luckily that’s never happened to me so not a problem


I’ll agree I still think the map sucks as far as good fighting spots for the monster. Speaking from the perspective of a Wraith player that uses Decoy anyway. I’m going to fire up a couple solo matches this weekend just to analyze it a little more and see what I can cook up.


You’ve never had a trapper go straight east and sit there waiting for you to come out of the canyon and dome you? Given enough time you will or your not playing high ranked hunters yet. It is pretty common place in my ranked games to the point I will sit in that canyon sniffing to get an idea where that trapper is.


To be fair, I’m stuck in Bronze Hell as Hunter even though I’d called myself an elite player.

I gave up on Hunt after a while due to the wait times for matchmaking


I like fusion plant because it was the first map I played on way back in the alpha.

There are still a couple fun spots that alot of players don’t know about on that map.


I would say it’s the most balanced map in the game and it’s my fav map on both side

Hunters & monsters have good places to fights


By all means…do tell. :slightly_smiling:


There’s a crashed spaceship on the trees in the marsh or swamp. You can get there as any Monster or Hunter.


Wow I don’t think I ever knew about that. Edit: Oh wow I made a solo game and found it haha that’s pretty cool never noticed it before after all this time.


Well not any monster, behemoth I think is the only one that cannot. Maybe Goliath but I think he jumps high enough to be able to climb it. It’s in the area that overlooks into the valley