Further questions about being a "Founder"


As I’m a player who bought the PC Monster Race edition, will I recieve any content in which another player who may have simply bought the base game, or someone who may have bought the game on G2A for around $10 won’t have?

It looks like as it currently stands I could have saved a fuck load of money and bought the game on G2A, then recieved practically everything now the game is F2P.

Have I spent too frugally, or will I see something in the near future which may be a sort of thanks?


They said they will be giving more stuff to us founders, when and what it is, hasn’t been released


You get to keep every character you bought previously, and get any adaption for those characters for free as well. People who bought the base game will have to unlock the purchased characters.


I’m aware of that but it doesn’t answer my question.

Was there a point in me buying the PC Monster Race edition, because as it looks so far I get the exact same amount of content as someone who may have bought the game for a low price after player numbers dropped, or anyone else who hasn’t bought the Monster Race edition.


There was a point of buying it, at the time of purchase.

However things have changed for the better now and you should be thankful you are actually getting things for free.


But I’m not getting anything for free. I’ve already paid for it all.


Then what’s there to complain about?

Every other founder paid for the game just like you and you’re all getting the same exclusive gifts.


But as my original argument stands, they could have paid anywhere from $10 to $40 depending on what version of the game they have bought, as it still is on G2A for a very cheap price.

I’m getting the exact same amount of content as a person who MAY had bought the game for this price, whereas I have bought the game for $100 upon release, which is now an effective waste of money. I’m not complaining, I’m asking if anything exclusive is going to be given out to players alike myself who have spent this amount of money, back when the game was buyable and at the high price it used to be.


I bought the basic Evolve game on PC and have very few skins and none of the DLC unlocked. The version you bought should have more skins to choose from as well as the DLC characters available to you.


Alright then. I’ll have to see what the future holds