Funny Video Thread


Do you have a video that makes you laugh? Post it here, cause we’re bored.

I’ll start with this one.

If you’re disturbed by things bad happening to tux’s, don’t watch this video. You’ve been warned.

No Rabbits, not a joke. @MidnightMonash needs safety here. :wink:

Dumb ways to die... in Evolve
My Family Guy Funny videos

Caution. Language.


It’s long but funny, trust me. The basic plot is there are tons of people stuck in a video game and if you die you die in real life :laughing:


I loved Sword Art Online as well as .hack. Fantastic music to.


Take a look at that.


Yeah. Although Kirito was such a chick magnet and I just don’t get it, it’s like EVERY girl likes him. Downloaded all the intros because their just that good, plus some of the OST.




I figured you all want to see how everyone today is the same.


Given everything, I think this is appropriate:


Gotta be added, it’s some serious stuff.




I forgot about this one :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll never forget it now. >:D




Enough said.


Don’t watch the video, if you’re against kissing, or seeing people get shot. You’ve been warned. :wink:



This one to continue my love for Portal, and to match my last video, of “Dumb Ways to Die”.