Funny Stories about stupid accidents


Because why not? Any story you have about being stupid and getting mild injuries. For example I was once an overconfident fool in the ring. Tried to go for for a high kick, thought I was fast enough, my opponent just gave the good old elbow slam and nearly broke my foot. Ow, ow, ow.

Or once, I was trying to pull a lollipop out of a moustrap using two matchsticks…One of them rubbed along the ground too much and set my sweater on fire and burned my arm a little. :smile:


At first I thought the subject said “stupid accents” and I went full Leader…then I read your post and it made more sense.

The mouse trap one…that’s talent right there.

I have nearly cut off the tips of both my middle fingers. The left with a old chinese butcher knife trying to cut a foam ball in half for a science project, and the other with a serrated pie slicer.


7 years old, medicine bottle, knife, almost cut off my finger :smiley:


Nice! I cut off most of my left ring finger accidentally when trying to cut onions. :laughing: Funny in retrospect, because I just stared at for a while going like, “Well ****. What now?” :joy:


Me and my bro were riding on a heard of goats some years back, because WHY NOT. Anyhow we slipped off and the flock just started stampeding. Had more hoove marks on his body than I can remember.


Goats, huh? Summoning @Quirkly because he’s nuts over goats.

And yeah, hooves to the stomach are painful. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same reaction for me. Both times.


Yep. That hilarious moment when you stare at a huge cut or burn or broken limb incredulously is perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:


I just looked from one hand to the other like “You knew where it was…what were you thinking?!”


I once broke dislocated my shoulder during practice and spent ages with my teacher trying to get it back because I wouldn’t let him touch me. :stuck_out_tongue: Funny stuff.


I grabbed a bowl of ice cream around age 12 from the kitchen and went to my room. When I got there I realized I forgot to add some nuts so I ran back to the kitchen and caught my pinky toe on the edge of a computer (my mom used to build them back in the day so they were lying around). So I tripped and fell face first to the floor. BUT I DID NOT DROP MY ICE CREAM.

A few minutes later my mom ran around the corner asking why there was blood on the floor and if I was okay. My pinky toe hurt but I hadn’t looked down to notice it was cut right in the webbing. Not overly badly or anything, but enough that I needed stitches.

Ice cream with nuts? Still worth it.

P.S. @MidnightRoses you’re a bit of a walking timebomb… I fear being in your vicinity now.



Only to myself. :stuck_out_tongue: I have the insane tendency to take the hits for everyone, especially my students.


There’s the other accident too…


-_- must I kill you? Your wife would miss you ever so much…


Ooh, juicy secrets!



Its good to be young, you get to make fun of the older people that had acidents happen to em xD


Anyone else feel like he added the ‘er’ to old just to cushion the blow?

It’s official ladies and mountain. We’re old.


Hey, speak for yourself.