Funny pictures of Turtlerock from PAX Prime


For those of you that dont follow the #Evolvegame twitter, here are some funny pictures of the Turtlerock team with Evolve gear:

Some mighty fine looking Evolve gear:

Rezz Jess! @DamJess

Turtle Rock vs the Goliath


I was just going to link these. I love the work on these weapons! So epic!!!


I really don’t think that they have a good lazarus player.

He should never be the (second) closest guy to the monster.


What a bunch of rookies. Grouped up like that in front of Goliath? Good luck TRS.


At least one is going to get bar-be-qued


Is that guy trying to fight Goliath with a lazarus device?


Desperate times call for desperate measures


I think he’s going to punch it.


I love the ‘drool’ on the Goliath statue.


Jess with the Lazarus Device

Oh and apperantly @SlabOMeat got his hand stuck in the Lazarus Device…



The weapons look really cool. Personally, I would take Hank’s Laser Cutter. It’s a pretty epic weapon if I do say so myself.


I do question the creation of the Lazarus Device, as opposed to the Anti-Material Rifle or the Salveron.


The Lazarus Device questions you!



if only you could troll your team by resurrecting the monster with your Lazarus Device! :laughing:


I think razzing @DamJess was a mistake, she has been taunting us with hints for TOO LONG :wink: