Funny Pet Stories


The title is self explanatory share the time when you pet did something hilarious video does not need to be included

Kittens, Puppies, and Everything Cute~ (A generically feel-good thread)

My snake escaped once, the little bigger found a small crack in his enclosure. We found him alive and well 2 weeks later.

######in the bed of the neighbours that is

Their reaction was golden though, I’d pay to hear it again


Oh no’s I am glad your snake was ok those things can be tricky they are smart and can find a way to escape any enclosure so make sure you check his enclosure for anything that might be a escape route


Turns out it was my lock, didn’t lock it all the way. Not I got 3 locks in place, 2 new ones which can only be open or closed, and not anything in between xD


my dog poo’d nuff said


he poo’d hmm interesting let me think here ok I have come to a conclusion all animals can “poo’d” but if you don’t want it in your house you should potty train them hmm interesting how animals do that


My dog used to very nearly be able to jump over our back garden fence. Looking back, I wish I’d had a camera on-hand because it was quite an amusing thing to watch.

She can’t do that anymore, though, since she’s about 15 and has arthritis in her hind legs.


My dog can jump over a privacy fence he has done it multiple times sad that yours has arthritis


The kind of fence that I’m talking about are over 6ft tall. I want to say about 7 or 8 foot, but I can’t be sure, as I’ve never measured it.

She’s also an old dog at this point, she’s still fairly healthy other than the arthritis, and other health problems brought about by her age, though.


My dog used to stand on her hind legs when asking for food, but not anymore since she’s really old.


I have too many to list. I have a 5 month old puppy, so every day is an adventure lmao. He amuses me with something new at least once a day.


When she was a puppy, my dog would catch cicadas. Not eat them, catch them. She carried them in her mouth, then let them out when she go bored. We had to check her mouth whenever she came in from the yard to make sure she wasn’t bringing any in as hitchhikers.


I am rezing this because I have seen some people wanting a thread about animals

And I kinda have a story so we have a cat he is big but for some reason he will sit there until you walk by him then he will claw you but not always so it’s always a surprise


umm my birds are causing a riot


I threw a foil ball at my cat he smacked it and it landed in the trash can.


I want that as a gif now lol