Funny moments when playing in party of 4


So, I party up with my friends. There is 4 of us and we decide to go for some nice hunts in Skrimish. We are all in 30-40 level range.

So we start and game quickly finds us our monster. The guy disconnects while chosing the monster. Ok, no big deal. Game starts, soon someone else joins and quits few seconds latter. Same thing happens just few minutes later. Game ends in 5 minuts because AI can’t deal with us.

Another game, same thing happens. One person disconnected during the dropship talk and at least two people connected and disconnected while the game was still in progress. Once again, this game was over rather quickly.

3rd game was the most hilarious. We start against AI, because nobody stayed connected long enough to chose the monster. We manage to do some good early damage to Goliath but then he escapes and eventually reaches stage 2 and 3. We fight it at the rellay and finally game ends at 20 minutes mark. During those 20 minutes another 3 people connected, two of them connected and then left TWICE, one of those two was actually King, which was rather funny. I can only imagine the situation of someone searching the game, get’s into monster role in a rather disadvanteous situation, leaves, waits a minute, searches again, get into the very same game he just left.

After that we got the 5th person in the party and played some really nice games. Now, while this was kind of funny it was starting to also get really annoying. It’s no fun to play against bot. I refuse to believe that there are no monster players at high ranks. Even if you get into a terrible situation in the match you could still finish it, lose, and than pick your monster and perk next game.