Funny Moments in Evolve


So unlike The List, which is mostly tongue firmly in cheek, this is for stories of comedy, intentional and unintentional, that happen in your games. Let me start this off.

Last night I was playing against the T4 hunters again, (seriously guys, I don’t care who you pick, just give me some variety in my food! Eating that many Slim Jims and Sunny Delights can’t be good for monster health!) as Goliath on Aviary. I had gotten ALOT of strikes on them, except for Sunny they all had at least one strike. At least one had two. So I find myself getting melted in a fight and decide to flee. Since I was right in front of a tunnel (which was where I had picked the fight), I flee through it. There is where I had a cunning plan.

I turn around RIGHT on the other side, pick up a rock, and wait. I see them foolishly chasing me with smell… and then the Crow throws Gobi. The instant he does that, they freeze, seeing just what is lying in wait for them if they continue. So the two of us wait for an almost solid minute, just staring at each other through the walls. Finally, I got tired of it, threw the rock… and as soon as I do that, they run the corner to be greeted by a firebreath. Ended up winning the game by staging up to three, sneaking around at stage 3, and getting the drop on their Sunny by blasting him with a leap smash. They literally never saw me coming. Suffice it to say, it was a very short S3 fight.

Got any stories of hilarity to share?


Be me
Stage 3 Bob
3/4 health
Full T4
Strike on everyone
Oh shit whered they go
Crow comes through tunnel door
Looks at me
Tries running
Rock Wall pounce
Gobi didn’t see that coming now did he
Start moving towards relay.
Monster Wins?
Turns out everyone else got mammothed after Crow went Rambo
Just goes to show that Mammoths are the true monsters


Hahaha that is pretty funny…it’s reasons like this that I wish there was a Theater mode. That would have been brilliant to see.

I don’t recall anything super funny, but this did happen to me yesterday. Gotta love them physics!


I, @SledgePainter , @Shin , and one more guy I don’t know much got dropped against a pub elite Goliath. As per usual, I was proving that Torvald is OP with my mere skill, so we eventually managed to gain somewhat of an upper hand. And then, I get trapped in a chomper when lagging behind for a bit, saved by seconds, only to step into another chomper like 40 seconds later.

Then, Shin steps into a chomper, I whip out my shotgun, and over the distance of that Tyrant pool miss an entire clip when trying to hit it. I reload, Shin makes fun out of me for a bit, Sledge gets confused as to what the hell are we actualy talking about.

Then we go and fight Stage Three relay, Monster gets a few strikes, and gets dropped to two bars of health. So he goes in a last All-Out attempt, kills Crow, then downs Slim, Sunny goes to pick him up, I mortar the scene and destroy armor, do some health damage. Monster goes and pounces me three times over before the other two save me, then he kills Slim, and I finish it off. On the run.

Everyone celebrating on mics, huge damage everywhere.

Progress towards Torvald’s Shrapnel Grenade Mastery: 16/1000


Im playing behemoth. and sunny is the last alive. she cloaks and i see her jetpack off a big ledge. Idk the map name…I roll over it and get some HUGE air. well I guess she was trying to stay still and hide while i passed over her.

cuz when i landed the match was over. even behemoth looked around like…“What? whered she go?” I landed on her face!


Moments like these are the reason why this game desperately needs a way to save replays :smiley:


fightsii remember on aviary 1 time my buddy was watching me play trying to convince him to get the game lol anyways fight at the power relay I take out two guys I think it’s the assault and support left.the support went invisible lost him pounced the assault won the match. figured wildlife got him but my buddy was laughing his ass off cause of that. Shear problems lol