Funny but useful tips


It’s a pity that PS4 voicechat sounds like Darth Vader crossed with Bane


lol is what it is I guess… I’ve played with non-mic’d teams that did fine and played with mic’d teams that sucked. It helps, but it’s not everything.


I second that

Really? Has that been an on going issue or that just stared? I would enjoy it for a few matches lol.

This was a reply to Sgo_J
To TheGypsy this is true. I e done half and half for victory w/o mics but when you get that one player that’s just off in their own world it helps lol.

ROFL… yea man, love those.

“Why in the fu*k is Markov wandering around frying wildlife??? - get back with the team bro!!”

But hey, they can still hear us… even if not mic’d up. Again, it can help or hinder. I’ve also had self-appointed team leaders raging at us and well… I know he’s the worst player on the team and would prefer he just STFU

I am the only one in my teams who is talking and shouting out stuff. My random mates never say anything. Only once and the guy only was talking french to me :smiley:

I can assure you it equals an instant mute. Party up outside the game and it works like a charm

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I’m fine with a no mic team as long as they know what they’re doing. If they’re new, then god help us all.



Let’s heal those wounds please. Healing in caring fellow hunters.

Please screw healing I’m lucky to get randoms who help me before I’m uncapped when I’m 10 yards behind them trapped in the Shearian monster fly trap from hell


Yeah, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say people should focus on their job.

Trapper, you should spend all your time trying to immobilize the monster.

Assault, you should be in the monster’s face, making it sorry for living.

Medic, you should be healing (unless you’re Lazarus, in which case you should be figuring out how to rez your fellow hunters WITH THE REVIVIFIER/LAZARUS DEVICE. I’ve been rezzed so many times by a Laz without using it that it makes me want to murder. The device works on hunters who are just incapped as well, moron).

Support, damage the monster in your free time, when you’re not actively supporting.

Everyone thinks they’re assault, firing wildly and getting us killed. Stop it and do your job.

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Yea I’m always talking… hopefully they hear me lol. Sometimes they do listen. What platform you rocking?

I am on the Xbone brother… was LVL40 last week (you mere mortals!!). And I was top 5 Bucket and top 50 Parnell until the leaderboard reset nuked me… sigh… Still have progression at least…

And yea… I talk most of the time, even if they ain’t talking back.

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What’s that GT friend lol. “Me The Big Show” here

Monster, hunters, you need to work as a team!

My GT = theGypsy66 - hit me up.

And yes, the fuckn 66 was the year I was born… wanna make something of it? rofl. I am certainly OG. I run a few companies and so I kinda get to take some time off to game as I please hehe… I have a proposal to get out the door (if I ever get off the damned boards lol)… but I should be on in an hr or so. I also play with a few good LVL40s… no idea what all this whining about Wraiths is about… weeeeeeeeee…

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Yea I’ll add you when I knock off later. Not quite at boss status yet like some of us :weary: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: