Funny achievements


Funny achievement names or any old stuff like that mine are as follows.
This isnt evem my final form (win at stage 1)
Its over 9000 (deal 9000 dam as a stage 3)
I am the danger (win as last hunter alive)
Like a wrecking ball (hit 4 hunters with a rock throw)
Construction complete (place 100 deployables in a match)
I am the one who knocks (entering a dome as a monster and downing the trapper)


Scrambled Egg - Defeat the Monster whilst it’s evolving
Close Shave - Avoid being trapped in the dome by a mere 10 metres
SlabOShear - Win on every map as both a monster and a hunter
Where Did Everybody Go - Cloak your entire team for the full ability duration
Mother Nature - Destroy 10 power relays
Blood Sweat and Tears - Defeat the hunters with 1 bar of health left
Silent But Deadly - Defeat the monster with Hydes gas grenades