Funniest Forum Moments!


Here are some of the funniest moments of the Evolve forums Ive had.

Post some of yours!!
##MLG Usernames

##Grammar Nazi


My Gorgon Victory Screen bug wa funny too on the forum xD


…flagged tho?


How on earth did I get flagged for this? @Buckets_Sentry_Gun


… I don’t know but… I suspect someone dislikes Miley :joy:

The old say something random thread was fun ^^
… I may have been lurking at the time but “that thread” was just great >.<


Sorry guys, language in the last image was the culprit. I removed it, you should be good to go.


I’m so MLG bro, I get mad xXx_pU$$ie_xXx cuz I’m so good at Call of Dukie bro.
1v1 me n00b only x_qwiksc0pez_x, no h4rd sc0perz allowed


Omg, I’m about to have an absolute field day.

When the the Gorgon reveals first began to start to commence and the name was leaked on Amazon, someone was debating the reasoning behind naming it after the thing Medusa was and someone basically said Gorgon was pretty much just a hideous female monster; to which I replied: “Sounds like my ex.” To this day, that is my most liked post.

There was a thread a while back discussing possibilities about the origin of the monsters or whatever, and someone said something…I don’t know. Anyway, long-story-short, I made the claim that the monsters were actually just a bunch of college students in rubber suits who also happened to be dedicated to furry roleplay, and the invasion of Shear was an elaborate prank. I won’t say who, but a certain someone responded with “I hate you.” I dare that guy to respond to this claiming his part in this.

Recently, I made an entire thread that basically surmounted to the new support being a straight-up croissant based on the logic that the T5 hunters have gotten progressively more croissant-like.


Why must miley be associated with this thread? :laughing:


Just one of those things man.


I made it into the post!!! Awwww yeeuuaaaahhh!!!


The thread comparing DLC and Evolve to Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers that got double locked was pretty good @mortalbound has it as their thumbnail


Omg! That conversation :laughing:


I was never sure the Trolling/DingDong ratio of that conversation…

Were people that dense, or dumb? lol


is absent from post


I just remember that the conversation made me hungry and it was entertaining. Who knows? Maybe they were trolling.


I literally just found the thread (one of them) and this is the response that loaded…


See?? :laughing:


Funniest forum moments?

Literally every time DownLikeSyndrome said something.



  • DownLikeSyndrome[/quote]