Fundamentaly flawned


I would be very simple to make the game more balanced and that is to skip the specialization of every hunter because almost everything is exploitable.

As a monster u just have to play all hunters several times to understand who to take out first.

As a hunter the problem is that beacuse of spezcialization your team is screwed if ONE player doesent know what to do.

The cure to this is not to specialize but giving the hunter the choice to change the hunter but NOT give them crazy strong powers but more modest ones.

And for the stats thats posted before that the WLR is around 1,0 team vs hunter. I doesent meen a shit because its so skewed between the randoms and friensteams. Thats what makes the game so unbalanced and its impossible for u to fix it with a litte twirking.

Someone has to take the concept and make a totaly new game. Skip the oneshot elitecreatures and all the repetetive feeding. The buffs also makes it unbalanced. And not least in evacuation when the winners get an strong advantage.


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And… Alright, I guess Evolve doesn’t float your boat and… What?


I don’t think you understand what “exploitable” means.

Hunters having specializations is not being exploitable, it’s filling a role. Take Caira and Laz for example. Caira makes it easy to keep a fight going while Laz lets you pick people up without the strike penalty. That’s called Gameplay Mechanics. Or take the Hank/Caira combo. Some people will argue it’s exploiting the game, but it is not. You trade off DPS (since one person is shielding and the other healing) for the ability to quickly get someone back to health.

Exploits are examples of things people have figured out how to do that the Dev’s never intended. Examples are Behemoth’s Rollex combo, Kraken’s old Lightning Strike whip technique or Goliath’s stun-lock combo.


I dident start this thread to have an sematic debate.

“vulnerability in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behavior to occur on computer software”

I dont think the unbalance is intended.


You don’t describe this as a balance issue in your earlier point: you have described it as something you don’t like because it requires teamwork and makes each member crucial.

Toning down the specializations and individual separations between Hunters would just dumb the game down: I don’t want to play a CoD where I shoot Monsters.

The game is balanced around starting perks and I hold that they are generally well balanced as they are.

I can agree that elites can be harmful to the balance, but they were nerfed significantly not so long ago.

Evacuation has an auto-balance feature to somewhat compensate for the buffs: though it leans towards fun over balance.


Semantics aren’t going to get very far in this situation anyway,
Yeah, unbalance is never intended. Bugs are never intended. But that’s why they get fixed. You will find that as time goes on, the balance will get perfected more, and more and more.

A perfect way however to ensure that nothing even quantifiable happens to balance the game, is to start from scratch by rewriting the entire system. I’ve seen it once before, and it ended up killing off Star Wars Galaxies, twice - One for the fans, and once for the people running it’s servers.


Someone misunderstood semantics?

Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit here with my popcorn.


Bugs and exploits happen. Don’t sweat them if you can help it. If you do’t like bug exploitation, then don’t exploit bugs. They’ll get fixed sooner or later.

Problem solved. :smiley_cat:


someone misunderstood good grammar in general

the devs “twerking” to fix the game.

the idea.

the idea people

for future reference and to avoid situational comedy where none is intended the word is tweaking


I have absolutely no clue what you’re saying. If anyone here can explain, that’d be superb.


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He’s just complaining about every game mechanic in this game


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What does fundamentally “flawned” mean?


I see absolutely no reason for this to remain open- it’s clear that the OP doesn’t care for any form of rational debate and adds to the toxicity of his own thread.

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