Fun Val idea


Hey, Korin here from STAGE 3. I was just doing some pubs with my teammate kex, and he said the most beautiful idea I have ever heard. He said that vals heal beam should heal someone if it goes through them. While I in no way expect this to be implemented at all I think it would be a really cool mechanic for maybe one of the new hunters with a beam weapon, since you can curve the beam, make it a skill shot for some extra stuff.


Cool? Yes.
Feasible? I don’t think so.

That would be incredibly difficult to implement.


Im not a developer. Why would it be incredibly difficult? Compared to other stuff devs have going on in the background this would be a comparatively simple. Add hit detection to the beam being created and add that to hunters body?

It would be a very rewarding skill, but I think the ceiling is too high for most gamers to pull it off while also trying to battle a monster :val_cute:


Eh, I don’t think it would be too difficult. Think of it like Caira’s acceleration field, but linear. Shouldn’t be all that difficult. Just a funny thought.


Val as she already is takes a lot of skill to use in higher level play. I would absolutely love this to be added, but I do think this would take a significant amount of work to implement.

Man, that’d be awesome, and could finally put Val’s healing on par with Caira with careful positioning and beam-bending.


I’d be for it! Only thing it’d REALLY change is emphasis on position, and let’s be honest, that was always critical with Val anyways, yes?

+1 for the healing jump-rope of epicness!


I also think this would be neat.


leaving the scientific stuff out of the way… beam passing through something and stuff.
it would be incredibly annoying to get that shit to work, because how often do you focus someone lonng enought that another hunter can get between you two and heal a significant amount of health.
every hunter has something better to do than chasing a green beam. in my oppinion this would only degenerate the game.


Just give her a selfheal dammit. 25-50% selfheal when you heal someone.


i agree a percentage of Val’s heal beam could give her health back not to where if the monster takes his eyes off of val for 3 seconds she’s back to full health


it would not be on the other players it would be on val, she can turn almost 90 degrees and bend the green line incredibly. It would just make her healing a bit more interesting, also since she heals the same as caira(basically) it would give her an opportunity to heal more than one person.


I admit that sounds interesting with bending, but i still dont think that it would add much to the game because the instances where you could actually use this are pretty slim… Most of the time Val is repositioning herself and getting those crucial heals onto one focused person and has no time to go in a line with two other hunters, target the one in the back (which is sometimes a chore in itself) and bend the beam. Thats just my perception however.

On on the other hands, having more skillshot abilities would be a good thing and i would fully appreciate this :slight_smile:


Go in a game and actually see how much you can bend it, its surprisingly easier than you think. I agree, it would probably only apply like half the time? at most, but its just an idea, really would be cool to see on another character with beam.


sure, the overall idea is cool. i am just afraid it gets fiddly to handle :slight_smile:


I think people are looking at it wrong. It’s not necessarily about Val bending over backwards trying to aim to hit multiple people… It’s more about just putting the beam in an accessible area and just simply having your teammates do all the work to stay inside the beam.


Which gets back to my first post. Do you really want to chase the beam?


I mean, i wouldn’t agree with him. You have to aim and lead with Caira, aiming with another healer wouldn’t be end of the world.


It wouldn’t be priority #1 or anything.


I think it’d be cool if your heal burst could surge through the healing beam to work on a specific Hunter, but them alone. So you can choose to use it on one Hunter for that extra boost from a distance or get in close to boost yourself and anyone else nearby.


I think that’s an interesting idea that could help Val a little with group healing. I also think it could be an interesting idea for a damage dealing/area denial tool in the future.

There was a skill on a Diablo 3 character that let you drop posts that would connect to each other and your character with damaging beams. It wasn’t very good there, but it was and could be interesting here.