Fun trolling the hunters as monster


hey monster fans,

Ive been having a blast while playing as the monster and most of my fun comes from trolling the hunters.
so far ive experianced that if ur stealthy(almost never footprints/birds) the hunters tend to split up to find u faster.
ive been using this as base of my troll.
everytime i find a hunter or 2 by themselfs, i kill them both and find the other 2 hunters.
i bring the second two hunters to around 10% hp and just follow them around as they run in panic waiting for there team mates to revive out of the dropship.
so here is the fun part: the 2 dead hunters revive and u instandly finish off the other 2 hunters u were chasing.
u just keep repeating this and add some small anoyance factors to it:

  • eat there dead comrades in front of them
  • evolve infront of the 2 last survivors and then eat there dead mates for extra armor
  • ignore the 2 survivors and camp the dropship spawn and just insta gib the 2 respawns a few times.
  • bring power core to 5% hp and then do nothing with it.
  • dont finish the game til 30 seconds left on the game timer.

ive been amusing myself this way(and boosting character progression fast) for a good few hours.

are u trolling people as monster to or have u been trolled?
share the fun.



how do you not leave footprints? I thought you couldnt control that


Awesome post! Unfortunately so far I’ve been trolled. I got better at sneaking around on my last game. Cant wait to win my 1st game as a monster :smiley:


u can “sneak” u move slower but u dont leave footprints and u dont scare birds(unles ur ontop of the birds)
sneak can also be used for sneak attacks, pinning the target down and just mashing it til it dies( this can be done on hunters aswel)

by sneaking the hunters can only see u after eating(carrion birds), by following broken trees or fleeing wildlife or if daisy is alive she can track ur sent if they are close enough on ur trail.

sneaking is done by pressing B once(xbox1) dont know about PC/PS4 button layout.


i did once kill the hunters, and stalk the last one just to use the pounce attack lol as kraken :smile:


My friends and I were playing and couldn’t find the monster for the first 15 mins. We eventually found him and killed him but anyways as we were watching the replay we realized he followed us the entire time! We found it hilarious.


I tend to end the match as soon as I’m able (That’s just me, I do find some enjoyment about playing with my food though, if the mood strikes me :wink: ) but one thing I ALWAYS try to do is Eat a dead hunter in sight of the remaining Hunters. Let them know what their fate is >:)

I also had a match where the Hunters literally walked right past me in stage 1 (Like, within arm’s reach O.o) as I hid against a rock face as Goliath. Daisy was pointing me out and everything, but they just kept on walking. I spent the remainder of my stage 1 & 2 slowly (And safely!) following behind them, even with Daisy constantly trying to run towards me and being ignored by her owner until I staged 3 and caught up :smiley:

Last night we had a guy who was trolling us pretty hard, alot of what you listed (Even evolved to 3 in front of two of us), then when it came time to do us in, he waited just a bit too long to kill us, ended up chasing a zig-zagging Daisy around for a solid 30 sec and we all came back.

I won’t go into details, but that match ended up with a Harpooned monster in the corner of a Dome and an orbital barrage dead center on his head. Almost felt sorry because that barrage is no joke O.o

Felt pretty good to turn the tide like that (It’s also the main reason I only toy with my food for a moment hehe)
Moral of the story though was Daisy is always MvP. Always.


You can’t even call it trolling but I guess if you’re that stupid…


Dragging the time out to max for no reason other than to waste peoples time is basically griefing


I always troll as the kraken. I will be chased around then run off and lead them through a mine field. Then when they try to run away, they retreat into anther mine field that they didn’t know I just laid behind them while sneaking.

Best part of my troll is i blast Benny hill music as they watch the map view when it shows them chasing me


I decided to get to lvl 3 as kraken to see what it was like, and pretty much felt terrible because I knew I could end the game at any time, and was just making the enemy team feel like crap while I pretty much dicked around seeing how abilities could combo and damage progression…

Then again you gotta have fun with it…pulsing the one guy as you run them down, and then letting the others get up, and doing it over again is pretty cathartic.


i trolled the hunters in the alpha one time that’s exactly what I did just kept waiting for the dropship to go down and then kill the other 2 hunters and repeat XD


I let one hunter live numerous times while the other hunters were dead. Then destroy them all over again in a 2nd round brawl.