Fun topic: how unlucky can you get on Shear?


You could be so unlucky as Goliath to set yourself on fire?
So unlucky as a trapper you threw the arena upside down and made a bowl?
So unlucky that your Bucket ran out of power?

Share your creative, and/or funny ideas about being unlucky on Shear!


Someone pushes the wrong button on wraith trap and sets that wraith that’s captive free along with a behemoth.


So unlucky that my :emet: ran out of power
So unlucky that :gorgon: acid spit on herself and she melted
So unlucky that :markov: stepped on one of his mines
So unlucky that one of my minions ate me in defend


I’m so unlucky, I committed seppuku as Lennox :weary:


so unlucky that you were the only hunter to show up to the hunt…

…and you’re OG daisy


daisy is just like guys? guys? where did everyone go I thought we were doing a hunt…


Your jetpack malfunctions during the drop and you die before the hunt even begins.


So unlucky that Kraken stands in some water and electrocutes himself


With my luck my Hunter AI Squad would die from the same Plant.

I’d be so unlucky to hide behind a bush and then accidentally sniff from passing Hunters


Except you don’t use your jetpack during the drop. It’s called HALO: specifically set for freefall and parachutes. C:

As for the real question, so unlucky to be Wraith and get stuck teleported inside of a rock wall. <3


Don’t they use it right before they land? Maybe not cause they’re immune to fall damage for some reason xD


Maybe they do. But looking at other Hunters, I never saw them activate it.


Unlucky enough to be thrown in as bucket and expected to win it for the team.


You could have this guy as a teammate.


Im the kind of unlucky that I would find the butt plants that developed legs.


So unlucky that you don’t know better than to play cards with the robot. :hyde:


So unlucky EMET actually ripped my dick off and wore it as a hat


So unlucky that Bucket’s head was destroyed during a uav and therefore never went back to his body.


Unlucky enough to just appear on shear as you are right now.


That sounds scary :o