Fun thoughts for the next Title Update


So, I was thinking the following would be cool for the next title update
- Player selection should allow the first 2 hunters to pick, then the monster, then the last 2 hunters. It is done in tournaments and prevents from picking a team that would get crushed against an opposing monster. For example, picking Slim and Cabot against Kracken is normally in the monster favor.
- Or just having the monster pick first. Makes sense, if hunters are going on a planet to hunt the monster, odds are they know what they are hunting.
- Allowing hunters to change character when waiting to respawn on the drop ship.


Frankly the monster couldn’t just pick first without monster buff. Every monster has hard counters. Goliath has Sunny jack Parnell Val. Wraith has wasteland Hyde sunny Val. Kraken has crow or Abe Laz bucket Torvald. Behemoth has Torvald tech Hank rogue Val or EMET and jack. Gorgon has griffin rogue Val Cabot parnell


Too complicated for pubs. The game is being changed to be less frustrating and complex, this does not help.

Lore-wise no. They go in blind, not only is this suggestion overly complicated but it’s too Hunter favored and against lore.

Far, far, far too Hunter favored and literally impossible given the game’s code.

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Pub play is much different than competitive gameplay.

If Medic and Support would pick, monster would just counter pick. This counter pick would completely take advantages out of the hunters.

For example , if Laz and Bucket are picked, Meteor Goliath would be picked since he has strong DoT fire that disregards cloaks, meaning Laz can’t cloak and safely reposition.

@10shredder00 covered point #2 really well, meaning the hunters don’t know what they are fighting.

Changing characters on the dropship is too Hunter favored. The only balance to this would be to let the Monster change abilities when evolving, but even this has its limits.

What I mean is that you can start out with a damage comp with RVal and Cabot then die and switch to a Hank/Slim Laz/Bucket combo and shred the monster after he’s already been shredded. @10shredder00 would not approve of this much shredding especially if slim is involved.


A man can only take so much shredding… Skaters ride the fine line of shredding but if you throw a Slim in there? That’s like throwing the thinnest paper you have into a cross cut shredder… ~shivers~


#1 has been considered as a possibility in the future for Ranked, at least in some form of pick rules. I’m pretty sure if it does pass, it’s not going to make it into TU9, though.

The other two were covered well enough in the posts above me. The monster would need something in return for being hard counter-picked before and/or during the match.