Fun cheat; using unrecognizable characters for a name


Just left a lobby where 2 of the Hunters had names to the effect of [][][][[][][]. This makes distinguishing them ingame all but impossible for both Hunters & Monster. Good times.




Yeah. This one is fun too: IlIIlIlIl.

Using capital Is and lowercase Ls.


I played against a pre made team of hunters with names like that the other day, I just assumed it was Asian characters or something.


That happens sometimes in game. I don’t believe its anybody’s actual name. I played a custom game with friends and their Xbox live gamer tags showed up that way. And I know that’s not their name lol


It can be a bug, different language, or just a bunch of bad sports.

@MidnightRoses In czech “IllII” could be an actual word.


Have you tried taking them to the grocery store and scanning them?


indeed. Anyone that doesn’t use the English alphabet is cheating.


I think he means using names specifically designed to be highly impractical to reproduce- such as IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. No way you’ll be able to count all those lines in the middle of a game and nobody’s going to stop playing and count them.


Colors are still the same so.



why would u read theire names oO


isn’t this more of a bug than cheat?


If they hack it’s hard to report someone who’s name you can’t get right


Their colors should still show up distinguishing them, so there really shouldn’t be a problem there.