Fully upgraded Perk stats? Unkillable? Evolved Recovery?


If the information exists on the internet, they’re making it intentionally difficult to find. Really though, anyone got stats on third slot perks fully upgraded?

Really want to know what percent Evolved Recovery gives you when it’s maxed out. Unkillable, too, but just for curiosity’s sake.


I’ve been trying to find this information as well for hunter perks.
Wasted many MANY thousands of keys for perks that ended up being bad at higher levels compared to other choices.




Fully upgraded Rocket Man/Lord/King tree is bae. Jukes for days.

Oh, and Bohrium Battery is pretty sweet if you upgrade it - around 100-125% jetpack recharge. Never worry again

Damage boost doesn’t seem to help much. Bucket doesn’t seem to benefit from it, weirdly enough


I disagree. Put poison bullets and damage upgrade and his turrets are ridiculous :slight_smile:


Tier 2 poison or tier 3?


Been running Meteor Goliath with fully upgraded Hunger and Insatiable Hunger and I’m 100 keys away from finally getting the level 3 perk I want, it’s just, well, buyer’s remorse translates into hours upon hours wasted because the wiki on the subject of perks has ?? where the stats should.

Just post them, devs. Seriously. I bet you a buck that there’s a print out of all the perk data somewhere around the offices there. Idc if you take a pic with your phone and upload it here. Just help us out.


Dpeends on if you value it more than another perk. If you want more damage T3, if you want something else prally T2.


perks and stats and all that jazz are being worked on.


My bad. Not trying to come off impatient. I get that every aspect of this is going to get the bizz at some point.


No worries


We are working on a better way to display that information in and out of game. I don’t have a print out of all the stats right now, but @LordDeath can hook you up.

Something TRS must add as soon as possible

I asked about this earlier as well.


Nice. Thank you. I’m actually sitting here staring at the level 3 perks right now, weighing my options and debating the value of traversal regeneration. What a nerd. Feel free to point and laugh at me.

I’ll send him a message.


can you hook me up with the info as well


Which perks do you want info about? If you want to know about a few perks I can get that, otherwise I’m still in the process of making a full list that will be posted.

Something TRS must add as soon as possible

could i assume for t3 perks i just add the base to figure out the next value of the upgrade
same goes for t1 and t2 perks?
i think i upgrade rocketman t2 to lvl 2 but it didnt work that way, it gave me less than the base for lvl 2


Unkillable is 60% armor regen, 12% damage reduction


All there perks scale linearly but something that starts at 8% will not go to 16% at level 2. Generally they are smaller increments like 8% 10% 12%.


makes sense gotchya

btw kind of off topic but after the recent patch i havent’ been able to play it blurrs my screen during drop ship? is it hotfixed yet?

by recent i mean todays patch where they give more silver to founders