Fully Fledged Wildlife Ideas


Since we have an idea thread for Monster and Hunters, why not Wildlife too? After all they’re basically the third team in this game. (The local Mammoth Bird Maifa also threatened to murder me if I didn’t make this thread, but let’s forget that. :smile:)

Anyways, this thread will be similar to the other two threads, in that the ideas here will be complete and fully fledged. No ideas like “Maybe a bear like creature.” Ideas here will be organized and complete. Below is a format for you to use.

Common Name: The creatures basic name, used most of the time when referring to the animal. Ex: A Lion.
Scientific Name(Optional.): The name used by a professional when they are referring to the creature. Ex: Leo Panthera. (The Lion.)
Range: Where on Evolve will you find it? Does it inhabit grasslands? Is it more common in jungles but can it be found in smaller numbers in deserts too?
Diet: What does it eat? Does it’s diet consist exclusively of a single thing, or will it eat anything that fits in it’s mouth?
Niche: How does it fit into Shear’s ecosystem? Is it a specialist? (Like a Cheetah.) Or is it a generalist? (Like a Racoon.) Predator? Scavenger? Grazer? Low Browser? Make sure you make the niche unique. This will be the primary thing that will make your creature unique from others. Having two giant semi-aquatic apex predators would be redundant. (We already have the Tyrant.) What about an apex terrestrial predator? Think outside the box.
Behavior towards Hunters: How it will behave towards the hunters, and why it behaves as such. Ex: Territorial, gives warning and charges. Attacks to defend it’s territory.
Behavior towards Monsters: How will it behave towards a monster? Why?
How many meats is it worth?:
Miscellaneous facts(Optional): How does it reproduce? How does it behave towards other wildlife? Is it native to Shear? Is it a close relative of another species of wildlife?


Name: Desert falcon

Info:The desert falcon is a very deadly creature native to the deserts of shear.Desert falcons will appear out of the sky to eat eat large wildlife that was just recently killed.Sometimes you can see them flying in the sky and swooping down to catch pray to bring to its nest.Desert falcons can multiply by making nests and laying eggs.Desert falcons are worth 4 meats and are highly aggressive and territorial.Desert falcons will live in flocks of 1-3.Sometimes they will gather and create flocks.One or two will gaurd the nest while one or two hunt but there wont always be falcons gaurding the eggs or nest so the monster can eat their eggs or hunters can destroy them to stop the falcons from dangerously multiplying.They are a force to be reckoned with.


Name: Ice hound

Info:The ice hound is a giant hound (similar to blitz leopards)that eats about any creature it can find.They are able to track down the monster or hunters swiftly and silently by tracking their scent.They are huge and worth 7 meats.They usually sit on large ledges or large caves.Ice hounds have a devastating melee attack capable of downing hunters or injuring the monster fast.They are very fast. Watch out for these deadly giants!


Mist Panther

Range: The Mist Panther grew from contaminated air, as it is an odd adaptation of the Blitz Leopard, so it is commonly found near the fusion plant or other industrialized areas. It also lives in these areas because it likes to dwell in smog or mist, hence it’s name.

Diet: Eats Reavers, Venomhounds, and if in a pack they can take down most large wildlife. Nomads are one of the Mist Panthers favorites.

Niche: The Mist Panther prefers brute force to take down it’s prey, unlike it’s Blitz Leopard cousins, which rely on stealth. They don’t hide, preferring to charge at their prey head-on. They do not eat things that have already been killed, as they believe thoroughly in honor, and believe that eating something that they did not kill is cowardly. They also travel in groups of 2 to 8.

Behavior towards Hunters: Very territorial. If their territory is entered, they will give one warning, a loud, parasitic noise from the open frills in their necks. If this warning is ignored, they will attack.

Behavior against Monsters: Will immediately attack on sight.

Meats: 3, as they are larger than their Blitz Leopard cousins.

Miscellaneous facts: The Mist Panther reproduces sexually, with sperm and an egg, and are born through a cloaca. Before birth, the Mother’s frills will begin to make the noise rapidly. They are native to Shear and are cousins of Blitz Leopards.