Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


Isnt that kinda going off the beaten path? All the monsters we see in the game are… Monsters, not machines or plant machines, the machines for that would be like, you can only hurt the plant because the machine is just junk the plant is using to fit, meaning it would be harder for the hunters to kill and easier for the monster to escape and making this wouldn’t quite fit into the game due to how much it differentiates.
There are no advanced plants, nor does anyone make robots big enough to be a monster
Every robot like thing is small and either is, or can be worn by a human


Yeah, but dammit it would look kewl. Why not have a Monster made from machines?

If the monsters are coming from another dimension, then that means they are manipulating energy or something is.

Who is to say that the future where Q. Caira is from, has a new bread of machine that a monster was able to take over. (a bio mechanical life form?)

i mean, we can easily come up with anything and make it plausible.


No matter how you think about it, it eould either be op or it wouldn’t even make sense to be in existence…

But yeah, it is a great idea


I think this would be a cool gameplay element :stuck_out_tongue: No but seriously it wood :smile:

Would be like Ruin using Overdrive on steroids haha

I don’t know :confused: Maybe if it were an in game ability we’d have to see if it’s OP or not :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s originally what I was going to put but then I thought that was still too long

All directions pretty much :stuck_out_tongue:


Puns are bad for your health

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I don’t know :confused: Maybe if it were an in game ability we’d have to see if it’s OP or not :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think that it would since if you’re far and this ability is used you only can’t shot it for a split second, and if you’re hit by it you’re going to be thrown away, simple, it’s a warpless warp blast

Well 2sec is, “hey i threw the ability now let’s attack this guy while he’s stunned, oh I almost hit him once… WHATTHEF*CK!!!”

Now with 3sec it gives the monster either time to fun or actually get off a hit or two, well I guess only real gameplay could tell…

That’s what i was thinking, well you were right


Evolve: Stage 2 Monster Idea. Would like help to possibly draw him out.

Inspiration: Raptors, Bears, Big cats, and Werewolves.

Codename: Lupinus.
Gender: Male.
Type: Rabid animal.
Bio: Lupinus is a monster that prefers getting in close and dealing high damage quickly before retreating. Reminds many Hunters of a rabid animal, possibly the only monster that is purely instinct driven and only exists to kill anything in sight. Shows a slight weakness to fire, possibly due to the gases affecting his sense of smell and sight. One of the faster monsters, but has some of the weakest armor but has decent health. Has leathery skin with some scaling on the underside. Generally has grey-ish skin with darker grey tiger stripes. Has pupiless green eyes.

Weakspots: His back, tail base, and chest.

Melee attack: Each bite, and occasional claw swing, deals 15 damage.


Primal Rage (Raptor Based): Lupinus will violently snaps his jaws, dealing damage to any hunter or wildlife that’s too close. Monster can move in a small radius, but deal less damage then when they are still. -10 damage when used while moving. Good for damaging a single hunter if still.
1 point: Deals 25 damage (if still) and 15 (when moving). Lasts for 3 seconds. 10 second cooldown.
2 points: Deals 35 damage (if still) and 25 (when moving). Lasts 4 seconds. 15 second cooldown.
3 points: Deals 45 damage (if still) and 35 (when moving). Lasts 5 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

Ravenous Slasher (Werewolf Based): Lupinus will rear back on his hind legs and swing his foreclaws with no precision, making it slightly harder to dodge, but leaves his back exposed, giving Lupinus enough time to either dash away or use another ability. Lupinus will take 3% less damage as his rabid frenzy makes him ignore some pain. Can move on hind legs as long as ability is used.
1 point: Deals 10 damage a second. Lasts 2 seconds. 10 second cooldown.
2 points: Deals 15 damage a second. Lasts 3 seconds. 15 second cooldown.
3 points: Deals 20 damage a second. Lasts 4 seconds. 20 second cooldown.

Inner Beast (Bear Based): With a mighty roar/howl, Lupinus will gain a boost in speed and damage by 10%, but his armor will suffer and lose a few bars and his jaws will constantly foam and drip and his body will jerk every so often. Great for damaging Assault and Support. Once over, Lupinus will be weaker for a few seconds, 6 tops, but can still get away to regen lost armor.
1 point: Takes three armor bars. Lasts for 4 seconds. 15 second cooldown.
2 points: Takes two armor bars. Lasts for 5 seconds. 25 second cooldown.
3 points: Takes one armor bar. Last 6 seconds. 35 second cooldown.

Whiplash: Lupinus will violently use his tail like a whip or stinger and slam Hunters in the chest to knock them back, make sure they are BEHIND you. Affective in knocking Hunters back while he attacks an incapacitated Hunter, but will deal less damage with each blow. Remember that this ability is NOT good for inflicting damage as it barely does any, it is however capable of stunning smaller wildlife. Each swipe deals damage and lasts a second.
1 point: Deals 3 damage per swipe. Knocks Hunter(s) back two meters. Lasts two swipes. 10 second cooldown.
2 points: Deals 4 damage per swipe. Knocks Hunter(s) back four meters. Lasts two swipes. 15 second cooldown.
3 points: Deals 5 damage per swipe. Knocks Hunter(s) back six meters. Lasts two swipes. 20 second cooldown.

Traversal:This monster’s movement will remind you of a big cat. Lupinus is fast and agile, instead of a normal climb, he will lunge to the edge and pull himself up like big cats. Has three stamina bars (like the Goliath.) to lunge onto ledges. When crouched or sneaking, Lupinus’s forelimbs will be held up like a raptor, ready to strike at prey. His tail, despite being raptor-like, moves freely and is flexible, like a cats. When on his hind legs he will walk like a werewolf (though only when attacking, such as R.S and some melee.) When idle or eating he was act like a bear.

Stage 1: 13 feet (on hindlegs), 37 feet long. No visual spikes or spines. Very wolf like with bulky shoulders and thin tail and straighter teeth. Large eyes.

Stage 2: 17 feet tall (on hindlegs), 47 feet long. Has small spines on his tail tip, down his back, and an underbite, showing his crooked fangs. Small eyes and Cheetah like body,
thicker tail.

Stage 3: 23 feet tall (on hindlegs), 57 feet long. Neck is held like an S, tail has thick spikes in the middle, has a raptor like ‘killer claw’ on hind feet, forepaws are well developed and have wicked claws. Has more bulk, but still retains a Cheetah like body. Spines along back now had webbing between them and stand taller. Naturally deals an extra 2% damage. Underbite is much worse and his head is now a mix between bear and wolf, with his teeth being over crowded and broken.


Let me know what you think, if he’s OP, underpowered, or a decent idea. :slight_smile: new to this.


pick one animal and decide; also the general theme of having a giant sized wolf is really out of place in evolve; as mentioned at some point on forums the game is designed to be around the monsters forming out of rock etc

now the attacks: the attacks are very direct, with no area coverage (as others have swiping attacks)

abilities and some descriptions sound themed on various existing monsters, and bob is currently the largest functioning size in the game (about 20ft high) so the scaling on this one won’t work

i think the idea is cool if maybe there was a feudal age version of evolve where the monsters were demon/haunt themed and you had characters based around knights etc. but since it is scifi post modern it seems like it generally wouldn’t fit in


Oh that’s quite alright, this is the first time I ever designed one so I’m
really open to any idea, sorry tho ^-^ thanks tho.


doesn’t bother me



Description: Bastion is a giant tortoise with small bushes and large flowers on it’s back(kinda similar to that one pokémon that I don’t know the name to). It’s shell is built so the front of the body is higher than the back(except for when sneaking). It has a long spiky tail that is miscolored, while the plants are mostly green, the shell’s underside is teal, and the legs and head are grey-green other than the armored plates on the top od its head and on its feet, which are light grey. The head looks more dragon-like in appearance and the eyes glow green, the bastion has five eyes, two on each side and one in the plated area of its head.

Vine barrage: bastion shoot out a random number of between 6-10 vine out in a triangular area, i both pulls forward and pushes back enemies, forcing them to spin in circles making it hard to shoot bastion . Enemies directly in front of the bastion will take 2x dmg.

Overgrowth: a small tree grows on bastion’s back slowing it down but enhancing its attack and attack speed to 135%

Uproot: bastion summons large vines to come up in a circle around itself(similar to rock wall) damaging anything hit by or caught inside the trap

Death trap: Bastion retracts into its shell and sinks slightly into the ground so it looks like a random group of plant but if a hunter walks within a certain radius of bastion they get grabbed up and will be carried for 3sec taking small lifesteal dmg.
1pnt = 1hunter small life steal
2pnt=2hunters more life steal
3=more life steal

Transversal: bastion tucks into its shell and spins rapidly wavering back and forth as it smashes the ground with tree roots to keep in the air leaving big holes in the ground as it spins to its requested area. It has two transversal bars unlike most other monsters because it travels faster and farther. The direction that bastion is going can be changed while using transversal so it is useful for getting away in a tight area.

Feeding: bastion would open its mouth widely and vines would carry the food into its mouth, when eating a elite monster the vines store a bar of food on the back, but it is hidden by the plants when using transversal the plants will use these leftovers to restore armor and add evolution bars

I need a name please, i am kinda picky with names because i want it to be… Able to be mentioned in dropship conversations without sound wierd.

If someone thinks I should add something don’t be afraid to ask and also please check out my other monster ideas!

Also point out my typos

Be sure to check out my other monster ideas!

Thank you for viewing and you’re welcome for the idea.


for a turtle? sounds tanky so im gonna guess bastion

generally the concept is cool, but it is out of place in the game and out of place in the setting of shear

for the game: the abilities don’t combo together, you are basically just spamming them with no added bonuses regarding how you do it

death trap is going to be too situational, and people will easily begin to memorize what the plants look like

over growth slows the monster down too much, making it easy to just jetpack away from. assuming you managed to grab them and pull them to you, overgrowth means you will only land about 3 hits before they can lose their risk.

traversal is generally over-powered, and sounds very hard to aim as the shell would be clumsy since there is no ground traction. also this means a monster could literally just run around the map and evolve to stage 3

then if you made evolution take too long it would end up that all the hunters could burn their entire kits out on the thing and it would get destroyed.

visually the monsters in the game are designed (as mentioned previously) to look like molten rock or some kind of deep stone you would find around fire or magma. greenery would be far too out of place

i like the concept of the monster but it doesn’t fit into the game at all, and would only be a waste. assuming you still want to use it, you could very easily make it a cool character in something you made because it would be a waste to give up on such an awesome idea


I never said how much the monster is slowed.
Nice try tho :wink:

Not quite sure what you’re trying to say hear

I wouldn’t mind handing this idea over to you if you want it, this one is pretty much just to look at, as a cool idea! According to some the devs don’t look at the forums, so… I think ill stop posting things that i really want to see so that I don’t end up making myself disappointed for no reason. But i will also consider whether it’s OP or not for the sake of anyone who looks, maybe you could go check out some of the monsters I created because i wanted them in the game.
Their names are… Leviathan, Jormungand and klemdron
Klemdron being the closest to being op i think


They look at the forums, just not the Fully Fledged ideas for legal reasons. Please don’t give up! I love reading your Monsters and I’m jealous of how fast you make them


Fine… Just for you


You don’t enjoy making them?


Well im lazy and i type these on my phone
Don’t worry tho i love thinking of new monsters…
This is because ever since i can remember, I’ve wanted to be a game designer…
So this is a perfect opportunity to test my creativity and let other people enjoy reading it… Honestly i could make one up as i type but I usually think about it a bit first, and/or draw it…



Image something of a bear/bat combo. Size slightly smaller than goliath. Runs on all 4 limbs with front limbs being slightly longer and glider webbed.

Smell is replaced with listen. Has further distance for detection but only gives ping markers for targets. Has reduced effects for targets on the other side of walls but open areas have much longer range.

Transversal is a single charge that has monster blast in curser direction. Does knock back in large area to hunters in area hit (think goliath boulder toss) and launches monster in opposite direction. So if aimed down and behind you it launches you up and away. When airborn a certain length of time begin gliding for a period of time. Blast doesn’t do dmg only knock back. Can launch a little further than wraith warpblast range.

Skill one dive at a target area, if airborn do increased knocked back on target hit.

Skill 2 uses longer arms to slash 3 times in a taregted direct in large Aoe. This is the pinned target dmg dealer

Skill 3 sweeping right to left sound blast with about 3/4 range of goliath fire breath.(area clear skill) monster is stationary while using but animation is fairly quick.

Skill 4 activates an adrenaline boost giving slightly increased move speed and attack speed. Fairly long cooldown to prevent being able to easily out dmg healing. Unlike supernova it has no range limitation just a duration. Effect is increased slightly in dome due to increased fight or flight response on stressful situation.


ahah my bad i misread it :stuck_out_tongue: but i love your idea dude


I also thought about a yeti monster. The way I imagined it however was that it had an ability called “Heavy Stomp” (since another name for the yeti is Bigfoot). Heavy Stomp has shitty range but deals an amazing amount of damage to make up for it. Heavy Stomp works well with Snowball since Snowball slows the target.

Another ability was “Cold Blooded” witch lowers the Yetis body temperature so mechanical devices can’t classify it as a living creature and makes the Yeti leave no signs of smell. This means that the Yeti is immune to all tracking devices except for the pet batray. This combined with Ice Age makes the Yeti practicly impossible to find. I say practicly because even though he: Dosen’t leave tracks, can’t be smelled by Dasiy, immune against planetscanners, trackingdarts, soundspikes and survey satelites, he is not immune against spotters, birds or pinging. Besides if the Yeti takes damage while beeing coldblooded, or decides to attack.

Sounds like a good idea?