Fully Fledged Monster Ideas 2


With Kraken being inspired by Cthulhu, I thought a monster based on Nyarlethotep would be cool.

My proposed monster name would be “Messenger” since Nyarlethotep is the Messenger of the “Outer Gods”.

He is also a prolific shapeshifter, so each of his 3 stages would look different as opposed to being bigger versions of the same creature.

Stage 1: The Black Pharaoh (Basically a humanoid with skin as black as shadow)

Stage 2: Haunter of the Dark (A Dragon-like monster form)

Stage 3: The Crawling Chaos (Nyarlethotep’s true form?)

The unique aspect of this monster is that his play-style would change depending on which stage he was in.

Stage 1: Messenger is the size of a normal hunter. His traversal is a short-range omnidirectional teleport. Rather than “feed” with his mouth he siphons the life energy of wildlife into his hands to increase his strength. He has an incredibly small hit-box compared to his other forms, but is especially “squishy”. He must rely on his stealth abilities to avoid the hunters. In lieu of a jetpack, Messenger can chain his teleports together.

Stage 2: Messenger can now fly like Kraken by expending a traversal change, but can teleport while in the air, and is now as big as most other stage 2 Monsters. He now “feeds” like normal, by eating the wildlife.

Stage 3: Messenger is now a massive lumbering monster about the height of Behemoth, or slightly taller, but much thinner. His traversal is now a leap similar to Goliath/Meteor Goliath

Here are Messenger’s abilities, which change slightly depending on stage.

Ability 1: Shroud
Messenger becomes a shadow of living darkness. He can be tracked visually in well-lit areas, but inside dark areas he is effectively invisible. The first melee attack against a hunter from the shadows does additional damage, and if the attack is a sneak attack does even more damage (maybe instant KO, but that may be OP). Once messenger attacks, he is revealed, but he may use traversal abilities without breaking stealth.

Ability 2: Decay
Messenger attacks a target with a projectile of dark energy that ages and slow the target. While the ability is being channeled against a target they are slowed, and they take damage over time.

Ability 3: Madness
Messenger opens a portal to the Outer Gods. Those within the radius of the portal are driven mad and flee from the direction of the portal while taking damage over time.

Ability 4: Dark Pact
Messenger can resurrect an in-capped hunter to fight for him for a limited time. The possessed hunter slowly loses HP even if they are not attacked, and effectively become “bots” fighting against their fellow hunters on behalf of the monster until they are in-capped again, at which point they can be resurrected by their teammates as allies. The strength of the ability determines what percentage of the hunter’s starting HP the possessed hunter starts with.

Messenger is a Monster that specializes in disruption. He is the Crawling Chaos after all.


the amount of different pictures confuses my visualization of the monster. probably better just to use one? also a monster that changes in different physical forms seems like it would be a pain to implement and take 3 times as long to animate, texture, etc


The appearance are the same but just that’s to give you an idea of what it would look like. I would do it to but I am to lazy to find them :stuck_out_tongue:


Could there be a Centipide/Landshark kind of monster in the future.

Or a monster that has something to do with radioactivity?


@skills4u2envy Can you…?


Read this:

You might find what you’re looking for and they might actually consider it…


@Andi_Schwarzkopf, you can discuss all your monster ideas in this topic right here :slight_smile:


open up word finder and see if you can find one by me called Maw. basically that



No picture sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Klemdron is a large bird with very small wings (it’s not capable of flight). It’s beak is very long and narrow, it’s a shiny gray color (beak only). It has 3 sharp talons on each foot that extends into long legs that bend like that of a flamingo. It has five tail feathers,
coloration depends on current typing(fire=full body glowing red and the feathers of klemdron flare up imitating fire, water=full body blue/green feathers droopy to imitate dripping water, lightning=features fluffed up showing white and yellow, nature=the feathers all imitate different beautiful plants, earth=the feathers are the color the the earth under it at transformation, wind=full body is dark purplish-red
Full body coloration is dark purple/red

Amror glow is, current element color

Ability set for stance chaning version:

Stance change:
Klemdron encases itself inside an egg (size of klemdron at current stage) then appears as on of the following elements
Fire lightning air water earth Nature
Cooldown = 30sec 1pnt
25sec 2pnt
19sec 3pnt

Flare: a burst of fire in all directions dealing fire DoT
Spark: a burst of lightning in all directions with a 25% chance to paralyze for 5sec or until hit
Twister: spawns a twister around klemdron hitting enemies upwards and 15% to slow to 35% movement speed
Ripple: sends an outward wavethat pushes enemies away while (drowning) doing constant dmg as long as the enemy is in the wave
Shrapnel: klemdron sends small rocks in every direction dealing heavy dmg and blocking any incoming attacks
Growth: a burst of spores that glow light green making the klemdron move quickly (250%Ms) and regenerates armor while poisoning enemies and making them glow

Klemdron will be able to shoot it’s current element from it’s mouth when this ability is active and increases attack speed to 250%

Erupt: fire blasts up from the ground in a straight line directly in front of klemdron
Jolt: klemdron summons a bolt of lightning that bounces forward
Gust: klemdron blows a strong current fowards pushing enemies very far(even after they leave the current)
Tsunami: a large wave drown enemies while pushing them back
Quaker: a series of heavy dmg earthquakes appear in front of klemdron has a 25% to “ground” enemies

Drown=small amounts of instant health dmg(shield does not deplete(cannot kill hunters))
Ground=gets enemies trapped in the earth(rocks come up under them) the enemy cam still attack if in This stare

Klemdron summons a twister (of current element) and hovers around.
Fire stance sets enemies on fire if klemdron runs into them
Lightning stance shocks enemies paralyzing them for 2sec
Air stance picks up and throws enemies in a random direction
Water stance encases enemies in bubble that drowns them(must be shot of like plant, spider, other dangerous wildlife)
Earth stance smacks enemies and shields from attacks
Nature stance poisons enemies

If mellee button is pressed during transversal the twister disperses into curved slash marks that fly outward until impact on any surface or enemy

Feeding: klemdron pecks viciously at the corpse of it’s prey squaking loudly and flapping its small wings

Any and all suggestions are welcomed with open arms, and i want it so…
Please leave what you think!
Im counting on you to reply @KomodoLover & @The_Specialist


Appearence: tall and skinny, black sharp teeth, fingers are long with sleek and black claws, armor glow is white, the skin is black, eyeless, legs are bent backward forcing the beast to crawl on all fours, or stand up slightly.

Name: Hunter (Reference to the Hunter, a deleted enemy for Penumbra.)


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Very confused on this part :confused:

Instead of being Omnidirectional what about a burst of fire “shockwave” like but it’s fire instead?

5 Seconds is way to long and that’s 1 out of 4 times it will happen so if if doesn’t happen for three times in a row, it’s guaranteed to happen the next time. If you want to keep it 25% chance, go for 2 Seconds

What does this mean? Like blocking Bullets? If so they should have a small health

That’s actually really really fast. Adding 30% already is fast, go for 60% for a small duration


I forgot to fully explain… When using the ability stance change klemdron can become any of the six elements listed (fire, water, nature, earth, lightning, or air) but it cannot become the element it just was, or the element is was before that

For example every match will start of as wind, so using SC will make it Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, or Lightning, so if the player waits the 30secs and has their fare share of (let’s say) fire, they would stance change again but this time they wouldn’t be able to be fire nor wind, so they only can become one of the remaining four, but once thay do that they are able to be wind in the next four

I didn’t even know that thanks, I don’t want to make anything that is completely OP

Eh, yes they block bullets but they only last until the attack is over since its one of the elemental burst the rocks simply make the explosion and disappear, the move itself is pretty much warp blast without the warp

What about 3 :wink:

That’s what i was going for :joy:

I think, you lost me at omnidirectional,
It is really just warp blast without the warp


Why not have a monster made from machinery thats been taken over by intelligent plant life?